OXU810DSE, Dual Drive NAS System Device with Encryption
ƒ General Features
o Seamless interface to two integrated
SATA ports, expandable via PCI
SATA bridge chips
ƒ Key Features
o Seamless interface to two integrated
SATA ports, expandable via PCI
SATA bridge chips
o Accessible from multiple clients using
Ethernet (integrated 10/100/1000
Ethernet MAC) with MII and GMII
support, or IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi (via PCI
o 367 MHz ARM926EJ-S processor with
32 Kbyte caches & MMU
o TSO (TCP/IP segmentation offload)
o Supports multiple software
- Linux OS
- EXT3
o RAID 1 hardware accelerator
o Simple to install - no specialist user
knowledge necessary; automatic
installation with DHCP client & simple
o Integrated fan tachometer/thermistor
controller and pulse width modulators
o Integrated hardware 128-bit AES
encryption/decryption engine
o 5 channel DMA controller
o USB 2.0 & USB full-speed host
o 128 Kbyte on-chip SRAM
o DDR1/2 SDRAM controller 16 bit
interface supports combinations up to
256 Mbytes addressable storage
o 16 bit static memory interface (optional
- device boots from HDD) supports up
to 4 Mbytes addressable storage per
o 35 GPIO for easy customization
The OXE810DSE is a consumer network-attached storage (NAS) device and is
the successor to the OXE800DSE. It delivers a wide arry of consumer specific
applications such as media server and atomatic backup combined with easy-touse software making it ideal for mainstream consumers who need to store and
share their digital information. The device supports two hard disks in a RAID 1
The OXE810DSE has an outstanding price/performance ratio with a high level of
integration and includes advanced encryption capabilities in hardware. It offers
diverse connectivity including 10/100/1000 Ethernet plus CIFS over TCIP/IP,
XFS and EXT3.
This adaptable and highly-configurable device also supports connections to IEEE
802.11 and other standard wireless chips via Mini PCI. It provides two integrated
SATA port, a USB high-speed port and two USB full-speed host ports supporting
additional expansion capability via USB HDDs.
Embedded ARM Processor
An integrated ARM926EJ-S processor @367MHz, featuring an MMU and 32
Kbyte caches, runs Linux OS with a full network stack. For system control, there
is an integrated fan tachometer/thermistor controller and pulse width modulators.
Used in conjunction, these facilities can optionally trigger and modulate a fan or
initiate protective measures.
SATA Interface
The embedded 3GHz SATA host interfaces supports the latest revisions of the
SATA II specifications. Interface speeds of 3GHz and 1.5GHz deliver maximum
performance with minimum latency for external SATA storage.
The RAID controller supports mirroring (RAID 1) providing the highest level of
data integrity with 100% data redundancy, disk spanning (concatenation)
presenting all drives as a single large volume, or two independent disk
USB Multi-Port Host Controller
The USB can be used to connect to external USB HDDs via the high-speed 480Mbps port A, or to other peripherals, such as printers or USB memory via the
full-speed 12-Mbps ports B and C as well as port A. The controller has its own
DMA engine to collect and store packets either in internal SRAM or external
Static RAM Controller
The static memory controller can interface to any static memory type device. In
addition to static RAM, it can also interface to intelligent LCD controllers and
NOR flash.
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OXU810DSE, Dual Drive NAS System Device with Encryption
Product Ordering Information
PCI Controller
The PCI core can be configured as a host or device under
software control. It can be used to communicate with
planar PCI devices or mini-PCI cards such as SATA
controllers and 802.11 wireless LAN controllers. In PCI
host mode the controller can support up to 4 external
devices on the bus.
Development Tools and Custom Solutions
For external Mac and PC storage solutions, Oxford
Semiconductor offers a comprehensive support package
Reference designs comprising both hardware and
software components
Evaluation boards
Software Development Kit (SDK) comprising source
code and debug boards
Extensive range of application notes
Part Number
Dual Drive NAS System Device
with Encryption
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OXE810DSE Block Diagram
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