OXUFS936QSE, Universal Interface to Quad SATA RAID Controller
ƒ General Features
o High performance Universal Interface
(FireWire800, FireWire400, USB2.0 or
eSATA) to SATA storage controller
ƒ Key Features
o High performance Universal Interface
(FireWire800, FireWire400, USB2.0 or
eSATA) to SATA storage controller
o Integrated hardware RAID controller
- Disk striping with distributed parity
(RAID 5)
- Disk striping with dedicated parity
(RAID 3)
- Disk striping (RAID0) for maximum
- Disk striping with mirroring (RAID
- Disk spanning for large capacity
single volume
- Support for hot spare disk
o Supports SATA II Gen2m specification
and 3.0Gbps and 1.5Gbps interfaces
o Hardware RAID rebuild engine (up to
HDD transfer rate)
o Sustained transfer rates in excess of
240Mbytes/s (limited only by HDD or
interface transfer rates)
o 48 GPIO (24 dedicated, 24
o Integrated PWMs and Fan-Tacho
o Flexible RAID User Agent (LED &
LCD support)
o USB mass-storage class compliant
The OXUFS936QSE is a universal interface (eSATA, FireWire800,
FireWire400, USB2.0) to quad SATA storage controller. Delivering industry
leading performance across all interfaces, the OXUFS936QSE supports a range
of 4-disk and 3-disk RAID configurations and provides a platform for OEMs to
develop a range of external storage systems.
The intgrated high-performance hardware RAID engine supports a range of
RAID modes which can deliver maximum performance (RAID 0) or the optimal
combination of performance and data protection via RAID 5, 3 or 10.
With integrated eSATA device port, IEEE1394b link, USB2.0 device and quad
SATA host controllers the OXUFS936QSE requires a mimum number of
external components and reduces total system cost.
Embedded ARM Processor
By managing the data flow, the on-chip ARM7 processor enables a whole new
series of standalone consumer electronic product to be developed in a simple
C/C++ programming environment.
The embedded USB2.0 PHY supports both full and high speed, using bulk-only
transport Mass Storage Class device protocol. Fast read and write transfers
ensure that the maximum possible host performance is maintained.
No additional USB host drivers are required, for either Windows® or Mac®
operating systems, for standard storage, button notification or GPIO control
The embedded 1394 PHY and link layer supports both FireWire800 and
FireWire400 and complies with the 1394-1995 and 1394-2000 specifications.
No additional 1394 host drivers are required, for either Windows® or Mac®
operating systems for standard storage applications.
SATA Interface
The embedded 3GHz SATA host interfaces supports the latest revisions of the
SATA II specifications. In addition the eSATA device port also supports the
Gen2m interface. Interface speeds of 3GHz and 1.5GHz deliver maximum
performance with minimum latency for external SATA storage.
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OXUFS936QSE, Universal Interface to Quad SATA RAID Controller
Product Ordering Information
The chip supports several RAID functions, including:
Part Number
Striping (RAID 0) delivers the highest performance
but provides no data integrity or redundancy.
Striping with Parity (RAID 5 or 3) provides the perfect
balance between very high performance and data
Mirrored Stripe (RAID 10) provides 100% data
redundancy plus offers increased performance by
striping across 2 disks.
Spanning (concatenation) presents all drives as a
single large volume.
Universal Interface to Quad SATA
RAID Controller
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Development Tools and custom solutions
For external Mac and PC storage solutions, Oxford
Semiconductor offers a comprehensive support package
Reference designs comprising both hardware and
software components
Evaluation boards
Software Development Kit (SDK) comprising source
code and debug boards
Extensive range of application notes
OXUFS936QSE Block Diagram
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