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SIPS 2 Controller Rack
The Type 7881 Controller is a 4U
high, 19" rack-mounting frame, with
six slots to accommodate up to six
SIPS 2 Controller boards. All boards
are plug-in for easy field replacement
and any mix of XSRS and HGPS
Controller boards can be used.
The plug-in power supply module
runs off any 110-240VAC, 50-60Hz
supply. The module supplies the
backplane with +15, -15 and
The rear panel carries the power
connector, BNCs for M/S Sync and
Shot-point as well as a 9-pin ‘D’
female for RTS host comms (not used)
and a 15-pin ‘D’ female for TEST
(factory use).
A rocker switch on the front panel
may be set to SIPS or BIRDS. A pair
of LED’s indicates the mode of
operation as follows:
The green LED is lit when the
compass controller is connected to
the streamers through the rack; the
SIPS communication circuits are
isolated. The red LED indicates the
Compass controller has been
disconnected and SIPS has the lines.
Rear panel controls and
The System Controller Rack rear
panel is illustrated overleaf. This has
a POWER connection for the mains
lead and the PSU auto-senses
applied mains voltage.
The XSRS streamer inductive
communication wire-pairs are
plugged into the XSRS Controller IN
connectors. If the SIPS system were to
control sharing of the lines a
compass/Bird controller would be
connected to the OUT connectors.
The HGPS transceivers are
connected to the HGPS Controller
outlets. Since transceiver replies are
tagged with the transceiver address,
it does not matter which transceiver
is connected to which outlet. Power
and commands are sent to all outlets
in parallel.
The M/S sync (Master/Slave sync) is
a BNC socket. It is used to cross-link
to another chassis so that
synchronisation can be achieved
between transceivers controlled
through different controller chassis.
SHOTPOINT is also a BNC socket.
Shot-points are commonly used to
synchronise the operation of SIPS
with the rest of the instrumentation on
board. A shot-point is also referred to
as a closure.
The RS232 or RS485 serial ports on
the Controllers can be connected to
an appropriate serial connector on
the host computer.
Key Features
• 19’ Rack Mountable
• Only 4U high
• 110-240V AC
• RS232 & RS485 ports available
Sonardyne UK (Head Office)
T. +44 (0) 1252 872288
F. +44 (0) 1252 876100
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SIPS 2 Controller Rack
Specifications subject to change without notice - 05/2007