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SIPS 2 XSRS Carbon D
The Type 8086 XSRS Carbon D is
the next step in the evolution of
Sonardynes XSRS transceiver range,
designed to take the best ideas from
the type 7885 & 8005 XSRS units
and improve where possible.
An XSRS transceiver is an intelligent
acoustic device used to measure one
way slant range distances
underwater, the units are battery
powered and are mounted on the
streamer sections using industry
standard collars. They can also be
mounted on tail buoys. The XSRS
units communicate with the XSRS
controllers by means of the inductive
coils and communication circuit
within the streamers.
The type 8086 offers superior
corrosion resistance, even in extreme
conditions, due to its carbon
composite housing and duplex
stainless steel construction. This
construction means that the unit has
a low in water weight, reducing the
need for floatation near the device.
The type 8086 is compatible with all
previous SIPS2 transceivers and as
such uses digital acoustic signals and
digital processing techniques to
enable it to transmit and receive
signals in the same event. In
addition, as with all SIPS2 units, it is
able to transmit and receive tone
burst signals for ranges in poor
acoustic environments.
Key Features
With the option of using standard ‘D’
size Alkaline or Lithium cells the type
8086 XSRS provides users with a
low battery cost / long battery life
• Choice of Alkaline or Lithium
battery packs
With the ability to upgrade from
previous versions of SIPS2 XSRS
transceivers and a lower purchase
price than its previous equivalent unit
the 8086 XSRS offers large savings
in both capital equipment and
operational costs.
• Superior corrosion resistance due
to carbon composite housing and
duplex S/S construction
• Light in-water weight
• Long operating life
• Lower purchase cost than previous
equivalent unit
• Upgrade path from type 7885 and
8005 XSRSs
• ASV version available (Type 8088)
• Compatible with all SIPS2
• Capable of receiving 16 ranges
per cycle
• Designed to transmit to an
unlimited number of units
• Flash upgradeable firmware
• Sealed electronics compartment
Sonardyne UK (Head Office)
T. +44 (0) 1252 872288
F. +44 (0) 1252 876100
E. [email protected]
SIPS 2 XSRS Carbon D
Operating Frequency
SEHF (55-110kHz)
SEHF (55-110kHz)
Transmit Source Level (Controllable)
Max. 190dB re 1µPa @1m
Max. 190dB re 1µPa @1m
Receive Sensivity (Controllable)
73dB re 1µPa @1m
73dB re 1µPa @1m
Acoustic Range Resolution
[email protected] 1500 ms Vp
[email protected] 1500 ms Vp
System Sync Resolution
75mm @ 1500 ms Vp
75mm @ 1500 ms Vp
Immunity to Multipath
System can resolve bottom bounce/surface bounce greater than 0.3m
Number of Digital Acoustic Signals
Number of Tone Acoustic Signals
Number of Received Channels
Note: Transceivers can transmit and receive in same event allowing for multiple observations to be collected faster.
Battery Life (Typical)
Weight in Air
Weight in Water
Type Number / Stock Code
10-12 Weeks
8086-000-01 / 620-7165
Specifications subject to change without notice - 06/2007
28-34 Weeks