ETC 88E8003

PC Connectivity
Gigabit Ethernet Controller with
Integrated PHY
The Marvell¨ Yukonª-32 (88E8003/88E8006) and Yukon-64 (88E8010) family of single-chip desktop and server
network connectivity solutions offers unprecedented integration of MarvellÕs market-leading Gigabit PHY and MAC
technology with the industryÕs most comprehensive software driver suite. The Marvell Yukon-32 and Yukon-64
devices are offered in an ultra-small form factor, and are ideally suited for client and server Network Interface Card
(NIC) and LAN on Motherboard (LOM) applications. The Yukon-32 and Yukon-64 productsÕ deep (128 KB) memory
buffers maximize throughput while requiring low PCI bus and CPU utilization, eliminating the need for costly
external memory and associated board space. The Marvell Yukon products are the Þrst to utilize the CompanyÕs
Virtual Cable Testerª (VCT) technology for advanced cable diagnostics, reducing network installation and support
costs. Marvell offers a complete driver suite and hardware reference design for fast time-to-market implementations
supporting the Yukon products.
Yukon-64 Device
(88E8006 only)
System Logic
Buffer Memory 128 KB
Alaska¨ PHY
main data path
control lines
32-Bit/64-Bit 33 MHz/66 MHz PCI Local Bus
32-Bit 33 MHz/66 MHz PCI Local Bus
Yukon-32 Device
System Logic
Alaska¨ PHY
Buffer Memory 128 KB
main data path
control lines
Fig 1. Yukon-32 (88E8003/88E8006) PCI LOM/NIC
Application Block Diagram
Fig 2. Yukon-64 (88E8010) PCI NIC/LOM Application Block Diagram
¥ Ultra small form factor with low pin count
Ð 14mm x 20mm, 128 LQFP Yukon-32 device (88E8003)
Ð 17mm x 17mm, 256 TFBGA Yukon-32 device (88E8006)
Ð 17mm x 17mm, 256 TFBGA Yukon-64 device (88E8010)
¥ Integrated market-leading PHY and SERDES (88E8010)
¥ Minimizes board space, simpliÞes signal routing and reduces required PCB layers, decreasing overall system costs
¥ Enables low proÞle NIC implementations
¥ Triple-speed 10/100/1000BASE-T IEEE 802.3u compliant operation
¥ Ultra-deep 128 KB RAM on-chip buffer
¥ Host ofßoads
Ð TCP/IP and UDP Checksum generation/checking Òon the ßyÓ
Ð Interrupt moderation
Ð Jumbo frame support
¥ Provide highly reliable Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) network connectivity
¥ Provide integrated SERDES (88E8010), enabling implementation of
Þber and copper NICs based on same device
¥ Enables future-proofed desktop and server network connections with reduced cost of ownership
¥ Automatically conÞgures to 10, 100 or 1000 Mbps
¥ Compatible with existing installed base
¥ Maximizes throughput for better system performance and responsiveness
¥ Eliminates the need for costly external memory and associated board space
¥ Provide an ofßoading host system CPU and Input and Output (I/O)
resources to improve application response
¥ Provide high throughput for superior network performance
Yukon™-32/Yukon-64 Gigabit Ethernet Controller
with Integrated PHY
¥ Advanced cable diagnostics
Ð Marvell VCT technology for advanced cable diagnostic functions
Ð Cable monitoring and auto-correct for copper solutions
¥ Low power modes and Advanced Power Management
Ð Wake on LAN (WOL) power management support
Ð Advanced Power Management, compliant to ACPI 2.0
¥ Enable IT managers to easily pinpoint location of cabling issues ¥ Result in plug-and-play operation, reducing support requirements ¥ Broadest software driver suite
Ð Microsoft¨ Windows¨ 98/Me, NT, 2000, and XP; Linux; SUN¨ OS;
IBM¨ AIXª; Novell Netware; and HP¨-UX
¥ Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) support
¥ IEEE 802.1Q VLAN support
Ð Support for up to 4096 VLANs
¥ Programmable LEDs
Ð Software conÞgurable LED support
Provide smart energy efÞcient minimal power operation
and sleep states Provide cost-effective remote management and network administration
Enable mobile client applications in addition to desktops and servers
Reduces development time for quick time-to-market Implements a range of desktop and server platforms based on compatible technology
¥ Provides network boot capability for diskless workstations and thin clients
¥ Enhances network security and enables automated system checking
¥ Enables VLANs for network segmentation and security
¥ Provide ßexibility to display link speed, status and quality
The Marvell Yukon products are designed for motherboard and NIC applications. The Yukon-32 productÕs small footprint and low pin count is optimized for high-volume 32-bit PCI desktop and mobile motherboard designs as well as NIC implementations.
The Yukon-64 device is designed for 64-bit and 32-bit PCI server applications and includes high-link redundancy and aggregation
functionality for servers.
Marvell provides comprehensive software driver suites, utilities and boot ROM code support for client and server applications. The product solutions include complete hardware reference designs that include schematics, BOM and layout Þles for time-tomarket implementations.
The Marvell Yukon family of GbE controllers come with complete software driver suites and a hardware
evaluation platform to assist with customer product evaluation and quick time-to-market implementations. MarvellÕs worldwide Þeld
applications engineers collaborate closely with network equipment vendors to develop and deliver new competitive products to market on time. Marvell utilizes recognized world-leading semiconductor foundry and packaging services to reliably deliver high-volume and low
cost total solutions.
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