CS1600 120W, High-efficiency PFC + Fluorescent
Lamp Driver Reference Design
General Description
Line Voltage Range: 108 to 305 VACrms
Output Voltage (VLINK): 460V
Rated Maximum Pin: 120W
Spread Spectrum Switching Frequency
The CRD1600-120W board demonstrates the performance of the CS1600 digital PFC controller in an
electronic ballast application. The CRD1600 uses a resonant second stage driver to power up to two T5
fluorescent lamps. The CRD1600 has been designed to
fit into a slimline T5 fluorescent electronic ballast formfactor.
Integrated Digital Feedback Control
Low Component Count
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Actual Size:
349 mm x 25 mm
13.75 in x 1 in
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