3M 6473

Model 6473
Test Probe Set with
Replaceable Tips
Stacking banana plug fits most banana jack or binding post inputs
Probe body incorporates a two-step mold process. First step is polypropylene for strength; second step is
Santoprene rubber for handling comfort, added insulation protection and wire strain relief
Probe body and banana plug are molded directly to the wire for robust pull strength
Wire is a high strand count silicone wire for extreme flexibility and high temperature resistance
Outer Insulation: Santoprene rubber, color: gray
Inner Insulation: Polypropylene, color: one black, one red
Tip: Gold plated Beryllium Copper
Wire: 18 AWG, Silicone insulation, length: 48”
Banana Plug: Nickel plated brass
Spring: Nickel plated Beryllium Copper
Plug Insulation: polypropylene, one black, one red
Operating Voltage: 30VAC/60VDC
Current: 5 Amperes
Includes a set of one black and one red test lead with ten replaceable tips (two of each shown above)
All dimensions are in inches.
All specifications are to the latest revisions. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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7/10/02 SY/EH/LS
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