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AdvancedPower Technologies
Monitor With ConfidenceTM
Temperature Monitoring
Built-In Annunciator
 Harmonic Analysis
 Programmable Function Buttons
 Ethernet SCADA Communications
 Web-Based GUI
Integrates Easily With:
 Dissolved Gas Monitors
 Bushing Monitors
 Moisture In Oil Monitors
A Platform for Complete Power Transformer Monitoring
GIC Detection & Mitigation with 3 Levels of Alarm
Automatic E-mail Notifications
Integrated Condition Based Assessment for LTCs
Analog and Digital Input Data Concentrator
Real-Time “Loss-of-Life” Calculations
Automatic LTC Voltage Control
A Complete Monitoring Platform
Up to
4 Temperature Probes
8 Relay Outputs
Up to12 Aux CT Inputs
Up to 8 Analog Inputs
Up to 45 Digital Inputs
Data Concentrator
Collect data around your transformer
for use in QuickMathTM equations,
or simply communicate it back to SCADA
Ethernet Communications
Dual-Algorithm LTC Condition MonitoringTM
Sensorless LTC Position MonitoringTM
Load Pickup CoolingTM
Event and Data Logging
Monitor With Flexibility
GIC Detection & Mitigation
QuickMathTM allows
you to take full control of your
monitoring through easily programmable logic.
- Math Functions: +, - , x, ÷, e , ln x, y , x , √, 1/x, ( )
- Perform Comparisons: =, >, <, ≥, ≤, ≠
- Program Your Own Condition-Based Assessment
Criteria Including Loss of Life.
- Automatic LTC Voltage Control
- Create Your Own Set Points
- Up to 16 User Equations
- Up to 32 Comparison Evaluations
- Include the Following Directly into QuickMath:
Liquid and Winding Temperatures
Analog Inputs
Aux CT Inputs
Quantifiable Detection of Core Saturation
3 Levels of Alarm: Minor, Major, & Critical
Large Split-Core Hall-Effect Sensor
- Accommodates up to a 4 inch bus bar
U.S. & Foreign Patents Pending
Built-In Annunciator
User Programmable Names & Targets
Events Log with User Selected Events
Time Synchronization via DNP
Test Mode
Interactively test set points using
temperature and current ramps
E-mail Notifications
Receive e-mail notifications for
user-customizable events
Web-Based GUI
Visualize Your Transformer’s Health
Monitor EVERYTHING related to Transformer Health,
including Dissolved Gas Analysis Data, Moisture,
Bushing Monitor Health and more. Use that data
directly in QuickMathTM equations, communicate it
back to SCADA, or simply view it through real-time
remote access via a Browser-Based GUI.
Ethernet Simultaneously Supports
Automatic E-Mail Notifications
Secure HTML Browser-Based GUI Access for:
 Data logging and Event Data
 Annunciation
 Settings View/Edit
 File Transfer
Browser-Based Graphical User Interface
For Monitoring, Annunciation, Settings,
File Transfer, and Data Log
Additional Communication Options
Dedicated Fiber for DNP 3.0 or MODBUS
Wired RS-485 for DNP 3.0 or MODBUS
RS-232 Serial Communications
Built-In Function Buttons
The 8 built-in function buttons allow
replacement of switches normally
found in the transformer control
cabinet for manual fan or tap
changer control
Comprehensive LTC
Condition Based Assessment
Dual-Algorithm LTC
User Friendly Settings using
Excel Setting Templates
Cost Effective
Simple to Install
Complete Monitoring Platform
Exceptional Customer Service,
As Always
Condition MonitoringTM
along with
Sensorless LTC Position MonitoringTM
for comprehensive LTC Condition
Monitoring. The true value of this
feature is realized through reliable
predictive maintenance of your LTCs
AdvancedPower Technologies
Additional Specifications
Enclosure & Dimensions: 8.028 W x 4.882 H x 6.40 D Alodyne Aluminum
Front Panel Dimensions: 8.378 W x 5.686 H
Power Supply Input Operating Range: 38 VDC to 290 VDC or 120 VAC +/- 10%, 10 Watts Max
Operating Temperature Range: -50 °C to +85 °C, 95% Relative Humidity (non condensing)
Temperature Measurement Accuracy: Avg error over entire measurement range ± 1 °C. Absolute error at any temperature ± 1.5 °C for
temperatures within the range of 23°C - 160°C. Below 23 ˚C the error is ± 3.5 °C.
Output Contact Rating: 30 amps make for 250 msec, 8 amps continuous at 250VAC.
Optically Isolated Inputs: Operates from 38 to 290 VDC or 24 VAC to 260 VAC. External wetting voltage required.
Alarm Contact Rating: 0.4 amp continuous at 290 VDC (NEMA), 0.15 amp continuous at 290 VDC (Panel)
Analog Output: Selectable, 0 to 1 mA or 4 to 20 mA. Maximum load 10,000 Ohms (0 to 1mA), 510 Ohms (4 to 20 mA).
Analog Input: 0 to10 VDC or -5 to +5 VDC, Accuracy +/- 1%
Auxiliary CT Inputs: 0 to 50 Amps RMS ± 3.5 % of full scale, High-Speed Channels can derive up to the 8th Harmonic
Communications Interfaces: Front Panel Mounted RS-232 DB-9 Null Modem Interface
Ethernet: 10/100 Base-T metallic interface with transformer isolation of 1,500 Volts AC RMS in accordance with IEEE/ANSI 802.3
Current Measurement Range: 0 to 50 A
Surge Withstand/Fast Transient: Relay outputs and station battery inputs: ANSI C37.90.1
EMI Withstand: ANSI C37.90.2
215 State Route 10, Building 2
Electrostatic Discharge: IEC 801-2
Rev. 20130916 Copyright 2013 Advanced Power Technologies, LLC
U.S. Patent No.: 6714022, 6222714, 7323852, 7417411 and Patents Pending
Randolph, NJ 07869
Phone: (973) 328-3300
Fax: (973) 328-0666