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Velociti® Series
Multi-Mod Six Zone
Interface Module
The Velociti® Series, multi-mod six zone interface module
(MMI-6SF) provides six (6), Style B (Class B) or three (3),
Style D (Class A) supervised initiating device circuits (IDC)
suitable for use with UL® Listed conventional 2-wire
smoke detectors as well as any normally open contact
The Velociti® Series use a communication protocol that
substantially increases the speed of communication
between the sensors and certain Gamewell-FCI analog
addressable fire alarm controls. These devices operate in
a grouped fashion. If one of the devices in the group has a
status change, the panel’s microprocessor stops the group
poll and concentrates on the single device. The net effect
is response speed up to five times greater than earlier
The MMI-6SF connects to the signaling line circuits (SLC)
of the Gamewell-FCI analog addressable series fire alarm
control panels. Each of the MMI-6SF initiating device circuits occupies its own address on the system’s SLC allowing each to be fully programmable in its control-by-event
sequence of operation.
The address of the first initiating device circuit is set with a
pair of rotary dials. Each remaining circuit is automatically
assigned to its own subsequent address. The MMI-6SF
module includes an address disable jumper matrix to allow
a maximum of two unused addresses to be turned off to
free these addresses for other purposes. An additional
pair of jumpers selects either Style B or Style D circuit configurations.
Each circuit has its own status LED that flashes to indicate
proper polling and lights steadily when the output has
been activated.
Two (2), multi-mod series units can be mounted in one
MBB-2 cabinet. Additional mounting options include the
MCH-6 chassis that can accommodate six (6), multi-mod
series modules. The MCH-6 chassis can be installed in a
custom cabinet or can be mounted in the MBB-6 cabinet
allowing up to six (6), multi-mod series modules in one
• Each MMI-6SF module provides six (6), Style B
(Class B) or three (3), Style D (Class A) individually
addressable individually programmable initiating Device
• Suitable for use with UL® Listed, compatible 2-wire
conventional smoke sensors and normally open contact
• Removable wiring terminal blocks allow ease of installation and servicing terminal
• Blocks can accommodate 12 to 18 AWG wire
• Flexible jumper configuration feature allowing one or
two monitoring circuit addresses to be disabled
• Individual LED indicators*
• Ideal for retrofit applications
• As many as thirty-six (36), initiating device circuits in
one 12” x 24” x 6.5” cabinet
• Two (2), mounting cabinets available for two (2),
(MBB-2 cabinet) to six (6), (MBB-6 cabinet) units
• Bicolor LEDs flash green whenever the sensor is
addressed, and light steady red on alarm*
Note: *Only the red LED is operative in panels that do not
operate in Velociti® mode.
Velociti and E3 Series are registered trademarks of Honeywell International Inc.
UL is a registered trademark of Underwriters’ Laboratories Inc.
S1969 3023594 227-03-E Vol IV 7300-1703:0124
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Description (continued)
Ordering Information
The initiating device circuit of the MMI-6SF can support a
maximum line resistance of up to 40 ohms allowing the
use of linear heat detection devices.
Part Number Description
Multi-Mod 6 zone interface module
Backbox, 2 unit
Backbox, 6 unit, requires MCH-6
6-Unit mounting chassis
The MMI-6SF is ideal for applications where centralized
location of circuits is required. As many as sixty (60), initiating device circuits may be located in a cabinet that is
only 12.63” H x 24” W x 6.5” D in dimension, saving valuable wall space in mechanical rooms and electrical closets
and reducing cost of installation.
Operating Voltage:
Stand-by Current:
Alarm Current:
Maximum IDC Wire
Temperature Range:
External Supply Voltage
DC Voltage:
Ripple Voltage:
5-32 VDC
2 mA
40 mA (with all six LEDs lit)
25 Ohms
32° F to 120° F (0° to 49° C)
10 to 85% (non-condensing)
6.8” H x 5.8” W x 1.25” D
(17.3 x 14.7 x 3.2 cm)
12.25” H x 9.25” W x 3.32” D
(31.1 x 23.5 x 8.4 cm)
12.63” H x 24” W x 6.5” D
(32.1 x 70.0 x 16.5 cm)
18-28 Volts, power-limited
0.1 Volts rms maximum
90 mA per circuit
12 Clintonville Road, Northford, CT 06472-1610 USA • Tel: (203) 484-7161 • Fax: (203) 484-7118
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