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Velociti® Series
Addressable Monitor Module
The Gamewell-FCI Velociti® Series, addressable monitor
module (AMM-4F) features a single Style D, Class A initiating device circuit. It may also be configured as a Style B,
Class B initiating circuit with end-of-line resistor. This module provides an address for any device or group of devices
connected to this circuit. Any alarm initiating devices with
normally open (N.O.) dry contacts, such as heat detectors,
linear heat detection devices, 4-wire projected beam
smoke detectors, 4-wire smoke detectors, water flow
switches, tamper switches, manual stations, etc. may be
installed in this circuit.
The Velociti® Series use a communication protocol that
substantially increases the speed of communication
between the sensors and certain Gamewell-FCI analog
addressable fire alarm controls. These devices operate in a
grouped fashion. If one of the devices in the group has a
status change, the panel’s microprocessor stops the group
poll and concentrates on the single device. The net effect is
response speed up to five times greater than earlier
The AMM-4F module is designed for installation in the signaling line circuit of any Gamewell-FCI analog addressable
control panel. The initiating circuit of the AMM-4F has a
maximum line resistance of 40 ohms, allowing the module
to accommodate a number of initiating devices at a distance from the module. The AMM-4F is designed to mount
in a 4” square junction box 2 1/8” deep.
The initiating device circuit of the AMM-4F can support a
maximum line resistance of up to 40 ohms allowing the use
of linear heat detection devices.
• Compact size allows easy installation
• Class A, Style D, or Class B, Style B initiating circuit
• Visual rotary, decimel switch addressing (01-159)
• 40 ohm line resistance for each initiating device circuit
• Accommodates any N/O dry contact device
• Bicolor LEDs flash green whenever the module is
addressed, and light steady red on alarm*
*Note: Only the red LED is operative in panels that do not
operate in Velociti® mode.
Supervisory current:
Alarm current:
Operating temperature:
Relative humidity:
End-of-line resistor:
Ordering Information
Model Description
.000375 amps. (LED flashing)
.005 amps. (LED lit)
32° to 120° F (0° to 49° C)
10 to 93% (non-condensing)
47K ohms
4 1/2” H x 4” W x 1 1/4” D
(11.4 x 10.2 x 3.2 cm)
AMM-4F Addressable monitor module, single circuit,
Style D, Class A or Style BC/A and B
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