220V LED T9 Tube HT7L4091 Characteristics

220V LED T9 Tube
Capacitor Free
 AC 200V ~ 240V input
 Electrolytic capacitor free
Long life
 Easy design for thermal dissipation
 Low cost
Optional high power factor with low cost design
16S10P 10W LED
Simple current-mode buck structure
Low start-up current for flexible design to power the HT7L4091
IC over temperature protection
Shut down function for serious LED short circuits -- all LEDs are shorted
Adaptive voltage for partial LED short circuit -- partial LEDs are shorted
Inherent LED open circuit protection
Operating Procedure
 Insert the plug into an AC power socket
Application Circuit
Application Options
This design can be adjusted for different application requirements.
 Efficiency improvement
Using the HT7L4091 with higher efficiency design :
 Buck inductor auxiliary winding : Higher performance
 Simple linear regulator using BJT + diode : provides power to the other
components using the LDO of the HT7L4091
 Voltage divider using reactive impedance (capacitor) : On-the-shelf
components and low heat generation
 Full range AC input
 Remove input voltage sense for power factor improvement
 Efficiency improvement solutions may be used
 Intelligent lamps
 Combine with Holtek’s solutions
PIR controller
TinyPowerTM MCU
Remote controller
 Power above components using the 5V LDO of the HT7L4091
 Linear regulator using BJT + diode may be used