TinyPowerTM A/D type Smart Card OTP MCU with LCD,
DAC, ISO 7816 and USB Interfaces
Revision # 1.10
Modifications made on April 15, 2013
The Pin Assignment was modified.
The DC/DC Converter and LDO Electrical Characteristics sections was modified.
In the Program Memory section, the Look-up Table, and Table Program Example
content and source code were modified.
In the Interrupt section, the Interrupt Structure diagram, INTC1 register and MISC0
register was modified.
In the DC/DC Converter and LDO section, the third paragraph and the following
diagram were modified.
In the Smart Card Interface section, the Elementary Time Unit, Card Detection,
Guard Time Counter, UART Interface, Smart Card Interrupt Structure and
Programming Considerations were modified.
The Application Circuits section was modified.
Revision # 1.00
This was posted on December 2, 2011