ENGINE START MODULE - Maxwell Technologies

Engine start reliability in extreme temperatures with
a smart power module from Maxwell*
You live in your truck, you work in your truck, but your batteries don’t always start your truck. In cold
or freezing weather, after a night of running hotel loads on batteries or sitting in line at a weigh station
with anti-idle laws, your batteries frequently do not have the power needed to start your engine.
Don’t leave starting to batteries. The Engine Start Module from Maxwell Technologies will provide the
power to start your truck consistently, for the life of your truck.
Replace a battery or add the module to a Class 6-8 truck for reliable starting from -40°C to +60°C /
-40°F to 140°F
Engine start reliability
Green technology
Low total cost of ownership
Anti-idle laws solution
Easy to install
Cold weather reliability down to -40oF
Maxwell Technologies
Engine Start Module
** Limited warranty; additional terms and conditions may apply at the time of purchase.
Improves overall system power
Extends lead acid battery life
Recharges in just 15 minutes
1800 CCA
4 year warranty**
Input voltage (B+) 10 - 18 V
Output voltage (max.) 16.2 V
1. Disconnect cable(s) connecting the batteries
to the starter, and remove one battery.
Cold cranking amps 1
1800 CCA (3 sec. crank)
Peak power 2
32.8 kW
2. Install the ESM and connect the negative battery cable to the
BATTERY - terminal of the ESM.
Recharge time
15 minutes
(recharge from battery at 10 A)
BCI Group 31
13”L x 6 13/6” W x 9 7/16” H
(33cm L x 42.7cm W x 23.97cm H)
SAE 3/8"-16 UNC, 3 each
Design for heavy truck
battery box environments
21 lbs
Current draw
3. Connect the existing cable(s) from the Starter Solenoid to the
STARTER + terminal of the ESM. 3
4. Connect Cable from the primary Battery Positive terminal to
the BATTERY + terminal of the ESM.
5. Initial Charge - The ESM takes up to 18 minutes for an
initial charge.
6. See the ESM Installation Video at: http://www.maxwell.com/
C ( Vmax - Vmin)
T + C x ESR
2. Peak Power =
4 x ESR
1. CCA =
25 A max. (from battery)
C = 1000 F (min.)
T = 3 sec.
3. T he vehicle starter solenoid must be
the only connection to the STARTER+
terminal. May require new wire
to connect cab loads/alternator to
Vmax = 16.2 V (for 0° C)
ESR = 0.002 Ohm (max.)
Vmin = 7.2 V (per SAE)
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Available in a range of component cells, modules and system configurations, our ultracapacitor products bring new levels of efficiency
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Our proprietary electrode technology and global manufacturing facilities allow us to deliver unsurpassed value to our customers,
while tailoring performance to specific applications.
* Applicable in certain operating conditions; see datasheet for details. Actual results may vary.
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