57-670.0 Eclipse Bezel Replace

Enhanced Eclipse Model 705
Guided Wave Radar Transmitter
Bezel Replacement Procedure
This document describes the procedure for replacing the
bezel assembly (Z31-2835-xxx) in an Enhanced Eclipse
Model 705 Guided Wave Radar transmitter. The transmitter
should be removed from the vessel. This operation should
be performed in a safe, non-hazardous area by someone
with qualifications similar to that of an electrical technician.
The Eclipse Model 705 Guided Wave Radar transmitter
contains electronic components that may be damaged
by static electricity present in most work environments.
• A grounded work station is recommended.
• Handle circuit boards only by edges
1. Standard screwdriver
• DO NOT touch components or connector pins
2. Standard 24 VDC power supply
1. Remove both covers from the Model 705 transmitter.
2. Connect the 24 VDC power supply to proper terminals
on the wiring board in the upper housing compartment.
3. Apply power to the transmitter.
4. Using the Down arrow key, individually select the menu
items listed in the table at left and record each setting.
Probe Model
Probe Mount
Measurement Type
Level Units
Probe Ln
Probe Length
Lvl Ofst
Level Offset
Dielectric of
Process Medium
Loop Control
Set 4mA
4 mA Setpoint
Set 20mA
20 mA Setpoint
Fault Selection
Blocking Distance
11. Apply power to the transmitter. Enter in all configuration
parameters recorded in step 4.
12. Dispose of the original bezel assembly. Do not use as a
spare part.
5. Disconnect the power wires from the transmitter.
6. Verify the correct version by examining the label on the
side of the replacement bezel assembly.
Z31-2835-001: SIL 1 version with LCD and keypad
Z31-2835-002: SIL 1 version without LCD and keypad
Z31-2835-003: SIL 2 version with LCD and keypad
Z31-2835-004: SIL 2 version without LCD and keypad
7. Remove the two mounting screws holding the bezel
assembly in place. Gently lift the bezel assembly from
the housing.
CAUTION: Severe bends or kinks in the HF cable will affect
proper operation.
8. Carefully remove the high frequency (HF) cable from
the bottom board of the bezel assembly by gently
pulling on it.
9. Connect the HF cable to the replacement bezel
10. Insert the new bezel assembly into the housing and
secure using the two mounting screws. To avoid
damage to the power pins or pinching of the HF cable,
do not force the bezel assembly into the housing.
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BULLETIN: 57-670.0
EFFECTIVE: October 2006