48-695 Electronic Modulevel LVDT Replacement Procedure

Electronic Modulevel®
LVDT Replacement Procedure
Models E5x, E6x and E8x
Enclosing Tube
PC Board
LVDT Wires
TFE Spacer
The above models were originally supplied with an LVDT
with wire exiting at the top. A second type of LVDT with
wire exiting radially is now being used. If a top wired
LVDT must be replaced with a radially wired LVDT, it is
critical for proper function of the electronic Modulevel that
the LVDT be mounted with the wiring toward the bottom
of the enclosure.
1. Remove power from unit.
2. Remove transmitter housing cover.
3. Remove PC board/bracket assembly by loosening two screws that
secure bracket to housing base and slide it off of the enclosing tube.
4. Locate the wire that runs from the top of the original LVDT to the
lower right hand corner of the PC board. Remove the eight pin
connector on this wire from J1 on the board.
5. Remove the c-ring on the enclosing tube above the LVDT using snap
ring pliers.
6. Carefully slide the LVDT from the enclosing tube. If necessary, clip
the plastic cable ties on the transmitter PC board.
7. Slide the radially wired LVDT, wired end first, onto the
enclosing tube. Ensure that the LVDT is all the way down on the
e-tube and seated on the TFE spacer.
8. Carefully, insert the LVDT plug into J1 on the PC board. Be sure not
to damage the pins on the plug.
9. Slide the PC board bracket over the top of the e-tube and LVDT.
Ensure that the LVDT wire runs underneath the bracket.
Top Wired LVDT
Radially Wired LVDT
10. Replace the two screws that secure the PC board/bracket
assembly to the housing base.
11. Replace the C-ring and transmitter cover.
12. Restore power and recalibrate the electronic Modulevel.
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BULLETIN: 48-695.0
EFFECTIVE: September 2008