3-Phase 10 HP BLDC Motor Drive Assembly

3-Phase 10 HP B L D C
Motor Drive Assembly
Driver Output to 60A, 1200V
Sensitron has developed a complete motor
control sub-system module that contains
Rugged Design, Small Size!
all the power and interface circuitry needed
to operate a Brushless DC motor.
Sensitron’s Three Phase Brushless DC
Motor Drive is a complete motor control
assembly that includes 3 phase input fuses,
large storage capacitors, and a DB25 signal
interface. The AC inputs are 110V, 220V,
and 440V, with AC rectification and an AC
surge current limiter. The motor controller
is compatible with other Sensitron
controllers. The assembly operates over
the temperature range of -40OC to 80OC.
● 400Hz 3 Phase Input per MIL-STD-704
● Programmable cycle by cycle current
● 2 or 4-quadrant mode configuration
AC Inputs 110V, 220V, 440V (55-400Hz)
3 Phase Input Fuses
AC Rectification and AC Current Surge
Bus Voltage TVS
Regenerative Brake Limiter
Large Storage Capacitors
Screw Terminal Power Connectors
DB25 Signal Interface
60 OC to 120 OC Commutation
Hall Sensor or Sensorless Drive
Compatible with other Sensitron
MIL-STD-704 Compliant!
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