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Bare Die fcPoP
Flip Chip Package-on-Package: fcVFBGA-PoPb, fcWFBGA-PoPb
• Stacking fully tested memory and logic packages
eliminates known good die (KGD) issues
• Package-on-package stacking provides flexibility in
mixing and matching IC technologies
• Devices can be procured from multiple manufacturing
• Meets accepted package and board level reliability
standards for CSP
• Flip Chip enables higher performance, higher density,
finer top PoP ball pitch and a smaller/thinner PoP solution
• CuOSP or Ni/Au on bottom pads of bottom PoP (PoPb) with lead-free ball options
• Ni/Au on top memory interface pads of PoPb
• Die thickness down to 70µm proven
• Supports 0.4mm minimum ball pitch on bottom/BGA pads & as
low as 0.4mm pitch on top memory interface pads of PoPb
• Capable process with 45nm and 28nm FAB technology in both
lead-free and eutectic flip chip bumps
• Advanced UF process maximizes allowable die size in package, with 35µm chip gap height • Bottom PoP package thickness of 0.7mm max with 70µm thick flip chip die & 4 layer BU substrate
• Optimization of materials to meet warpage requirements during
surface mount process
• Full in-house electrical, thermal and mechanical simulation and measurement capability
• Full in-house package and substrate design capability
• Turnkey solution including wafer bumping in both eutectic SnPb & lead-free solder
• PoPb: Application, baseband or multimedia processor for mobile
handset and portable devices
• PoPt: Memory to support system and processor functions including DDR, Flash (NAND, NOR), SRAM and combinations thereof
• Product Engineering support
• Probe capability
• Program generation/conversion
• Drop Ship available
STATS ChipPAC’s Package-on-Package (PoP) family includes a stackable
flip chip BGA as the bottom PoP package (PoPb). PoPb is typically an
application processor or a baseband device with land pads placed on
the top periphery of the package surface to enable the stacking of
a second FBGA or PoP top (PoPt) above. PoPt, with memory devices
stacked within, is assembled, tested and yielded independently.
The two packages are combined by reflowing together (usually
performed simultaneously) on the application board to form PoP
(Z-interconnection with solder ball).
PoP has emerged as the preferred approach to integrate memory
and logic in many advanced mobile and handheld applications. The
bottom logic package and top memory package can be assembled,
tested and yielded independently. This business model is preferred by
end users as they can leverage their usual suppliers for these device
types independently and have the flexibility to match logic processor
and memory to support different applications.
STATS ChipPAC has always been at the forefront of 3D packaging
and stacked die packaging. The wirebonded bottom PoP package was
developed and introduced into production years ago. The bottom fcPoP
provides the advantage of denser design with larger die size and higher
number of IOs within the same PoP package body size / form factor
as compared to the wirebonded PoP version. In addition, the use of
fcPoP allows for potentially lower PoPb package height, thus reducing
the total package stacked height post-SMT process. Improved device
electrical performance can also be expected with the fcPoP package as
with all other Flip Chip packages in comparison to wirebonded designs.
Bare die fcPoP package offers the lowest cost PoP package type and
can use down to 0.4mm memory interface (MI) pitch.
Bare Die fcPoP
Flip Chip Package-on-Package: fcVFBGA-PoPb, fcWFBGA-PoPb
Die Thickness
FC Bump Pitch
FC Bumps*
Solder Balls
Packing Options
Moisture Sensitivity Level JEDEC Level 2A (60% RH/60°C), 120 hrs
Temperature Cycling
Condition B (-55°C/+125°C, 1000 cycles
Temp/Humidity Test
85°C/85% RH, 1000 hrs
Highly Accelerated Stress Test 135°C/85% RH, 96 hrs
High Temp Storage
150°C, 1000 hrs
Minimum 70µm
Minimum 150µm (Pb-free) Miminum 80µm/40µm (Cu/SnAg)
Pb-free, eutectic Sn/Pb, Cu column
Sn/Ag/Cu (Pb-free ball)
JEDEC tray or tape & reel
*Refer to fcCuBE datasheet for PoP package details using Cu column interconnect.
Thermal behavior is determined by the exact configuration of the overall structure and the distribution of power dissipation among all of the die. During the package design process, we provide quick-turn thermal feasibility analysis and data as needed to help ensure proper thermal operation.
12x12mm fcPoP
14x14mm fcPoP
Die Size
7 x 7 x 0.1
8 x 8 x 0.1
Notes: *Typical bottom fcPoP thermal performance. Data for bottom PoP only without the effect of top PoP package. Substrate 4 layer laminate build-up (1/2/1). Simulation data for package mounted on 4 layer PCB per JEDEC JES51-9 under natural convection. **NC=Natural Convection
The electrical behavior is highly dependent on the package layout and the substrate structures. 3D electrical simulation is used to predict the actual
electrical behavior once designs are partially or fully completed. As expected, the electrical performance advantage of using flip chip over wirebond
is seen in these packages.
Bottom fcPoP (PoPb)
Bare Die PoP
Flip Chip
Body Size
BGA Pitch
10x10 ~ 15x15
min 0.4
(mm x mm)
Top Pitch
Pre-Stacked fcPoP (PoPb + PoPt)
Pre-stacked PoP: Bare Die PoPb + Memory PoPt
Reference data: fcVFBGA-PoPb < 0.7mm maximum
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