Aromatic Treasure Rice

Aromatic Treasure Rice
Recipe by chef l I s a l e o n g
Samsung MC32F606TCT Microwave Oven
3 cups long grain rice
1 cups Golden Peony Brown rice
2 dried mushrooms
1 stalk fresh coriander
Rice seasonings:
1 tsp sugar
2 tbsp mayonnaise
5 tbsp fried shallot oil
4 pips fried whole garlic
43/4 rice cup warm chicken broth
Garnishing Ingredients:
200g diced microwave Chinese chicken sausage
2-3 tablespoon diced cooked mushroom
1/2 cup diced pre-blanched carrot
1 cup of diced cucumber
4 tbsp fried microwave shallot flakes
1 sprig chopped coriander leaves
Method: MC32F606TCT SAMSUNG Microwave Oven Preparations
Wash both the rice. Drain and place in separate bowls. Pre soak long grain
rice with tap water for 10 minutes and soak the brown rice for 20 minutes with
warm water.
Place the seasoned rice into the microwave-safe casserole adds in the warm
chicken broth. Return the casserole to the in the centre of the microwave
now. Set the time 18 minutes on high powder (900W) without the lid. The
timing can vary for different Samsung microwaves with different power. This
recipe time is based on rice cook in the Samsung MC32F606 TCT.
Please note that rice will take less time, if your microwave has higher wattage
and vice versa.
Once the cooking time has completed, remove the casserole and stir, the
rice once, cover with the lid and return to microwave for another additional 3
to 4 minutes until all water is well absorbed.
Remove from microwave fluffing with a fork mix in the garnishing ingredients
and return to microwave for further 2 minutes.
Microwave Shallot Oil and Shallot flakes
120g red Shallots (小红葱头)
200ml - 220ml of vegetable cooking oil
Removed the outer skin of the shallots and sliced it thinly.
Place the vegetable cooking oil in a microwave safe medium big bowl. Cook
heat for 5 minutes, remove carefully from the oven and then add in
shallot slices.
Return the shallot and oil in the microwave oven and cook on HIGH heat for 4
minutes. Give a quick stir when the 4 minutes cook time is up.
Now return to cook for further 3 minutes, give it a quick stir for every cook
duration. Cook another 2 minutes duration till the shallot starts to appear
slightly golden brown in colour.
Give it another 1 more minute cook time if a darker browning of the shallot
flakes is required.