Dry Contact Relay Module Select relay outputs when

Dry Contact Relay Module
Select relay outputs when…
…dry contact outputs are specified or whenever
normally closed contacts are required.
n Good choice for specifications that call for
contact closure outputs
n Provides both normally open and normally closed
contacts (SPDT)
n Normally closed contacts pass current even when
module power is off (for failsafe systems)
n Ideal for low current loads
Performance Specifications
Number of channels
Output configuration (each output)
Minimum output voltage
Maximum output voltage
Minimum load current per output
Maximum load current per output (24 VDC)
Maximum load current per output (120 VAC)
Maximum load current per module (24VDC)
Maximum OFF state leakage current (120 VAC)
Minimum OFF resistance
Maximum relay turn on time
Maximum relay turn off time
Maximum ST-Bus power
Isolation (input to ST-Bus)
Operating temperature range
Storage temperature range
Humidity (non-condensing)
Form C
0.1 mA
2 Amps
0.5 Amps
12 Amps
0.01 mA
100 Meg Ohms
6 mS
6 mS
1500 mW
-30 to 70°C
-40 to 85°C
5 to 95%
Note: The first output may be configured as a system
performance watchdog. ON = OK.
Ordering Information
6 Form C Relays w/Wiring Base
Module only
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