BT-5000 Series IO Specifications

BT5k I/O information:
I/O characteristics
Digital Output (O1, O2, O3 for BT-5000v2/BT-4000/BT-5000 and DO for BT6000)
o Configuration: Non-isolated level detection, reference to ground
o Active level: 1.6VDC to 30VDC
o Inactive level: 0VDC to 1.3 VDC
o Absolute minimum VDC: 0.3 VDC
o Absolute maximum VDC: 33 VDC
o Leakage IDC at 5VDC: 150 uADC
Digital Input (IGN, DI1, DI2, DI3, DI4 for BT-5000v2/BT-4000/BT-5000 and DI
for BT-6000)
o Configuration: Open collector, reference to ground
o Absolute minimum VDC: 0.4 VDC (open circuit)
o Absolute maximum VDC: 30 VDC (open circuit)
o Absolute Maximum IDC: 500 mADC (Vce = 750 mVDC)
Analog Input (AI1, AI2, AI3 for BT-5000v2/BT-4600/BT-5600, AI1, AI2 for BT4200/BT-4400/BT-5200/BT-5400, DI for BT-6000)
o Configuration: Non-isolated input, reference to ground
o Resolution: 1024 (ADC 10-bit)
o Range: 0-15V (0-5V for BT-4000/BT-5000)
o Input low pass filter: < 500 Hz
o Leakage IDC at 5VDC: 265.96 uADC TYPE