TSPC Series
Industrial Power Supply
* Rated Input
Order Code
TSPC 080-124
115Vac – 230Vac
50 – 60Hz
TSPC 120-124
TSPC 240-124
TSPC 480-124
Power max.
** Output
*** Output Voltage
recommended Circuit
Adjustment Range breaker (Characteristic B)
80 Watt
24.0Vdc / 3.3A
24.0 – 28.0Vdc
6 – 16A
120 Watt
24.0Vdc / 5.0A
24.0 – 28.0Vdc
6 – 16A
240 Watt
24.0Vdc / 10.0A
24.0 – 28.0Vdc
10 – 16A
480 Watt
24.0Vdc / 20.0A
24.0 – 28.0Vdc
16 – 25A
* Observe output current derating at operation below an input voltage of 100Vac (Boost Power below 115Vac)
** Maximum output current at Vout nom
*** Adjustable by potentiometer with a screwdriver.
Input current:
¾ TSPC 080
@ Vin=115Vac
@ Vin=230Vac
Power Consumption @ Vin=115Vac @ Vin=230Vac
¾ TSPC 080
94 Watt typ.
91 Watt typ.
1.70A typ.
1.00A typ.
¾ TSPC 120
2.50A typ.
1.40A typ.
¾ TSPC 120
134 Watt typ.
133 Watt typ.
¾ TSPC 240
¾ TSPC 480
5.10A typ.
9.10A typ.
2.20A typ.
3.60A typ.
¾ TSPC 240
¾ TSPC 480
270 Watt typ.
535 Watt typ.
265 Watt typ.
532 Watt typ.
Operational Input Voltage
AC: 85Vac – 132Vac / 187Vac – 264Vac, 50/60Hz (Observe derating)
Operating temperature range:
Natural Air Convection Cooling
–25°C up to +70°C max
–13°F up to +158°F max
Output Power Derating:
above +60°C up to +70°C
above 140°F up to 158°F
below Vin = 100Vac
above Vout = +24Vdc
Boost Power
120% Pout nom for unlimited time
Boost Power Operating temperature range: –25°C up to +60°C max
Natural Air Convection Cooling
–13°F up to +140°F max
Output Power Derating in Boost Power:
(Below +50°C [122°F] Operating Ambient temperature and Vout nom = 24Vdc)
above +50°C up to +60°C
above 122°F up to 140°F
below Vin = 100Vac up to 115Vac
–1,3%/V (below Vin = 100Vac no Boost Power)
below Vin = 187Vac up to 220Vac
above Vout = +24Vdc
Storage temperature range:
–25°C up to +85°C max
–13°F up to +185°F max
3 Screw type terminal Combi – Typ. Recommended tightening torque 0.5 to 0.6Nm
4 Screw type terminal Combi – Typ. Recommended tightening torque 0.5 to 0.6Nm
2 Screw type terminal Combi – Typ. Recommended tightening torque 0.2 to 0.3Nm
Wire Size:
Input & Output
0.5mm2 – 4.0mm2 [AWG 20 – AWG 10]
Case material:
0.08mm2 – 2.0mm2 [AWG 28 – AWG 24] TSPC480- 1.0mm2 – 2.0mm2 [AWG 17 – AWG 10]
Aluminium (chassis) and Zinc-plated steel (cover)
Rev:1.4 4114
Safety Instructions:
¾ Before installation read these instructions carefully and completely. This installation instruction cannot account for every
possible condition of installation, operation or maintenance.
Further information can be obtained from your local distributor
office or from the product datasheet, which can be
downloaded from our website:
¾ These power supplies are constructed in accordance with the
safety requirements of IEC/EN/UL60950, EN60204, EN50178,
UL508, EN/UL60079-15 (Protection Type “n” Class O,
Zone 2, AEX nC II T4 U. They will be approved (BG-mark) in
accordance with EN60950, EN50178 and fulfil the
requirements of the Low Voltage Directive (LVD). They will be
UL and cUL approved in accordance to UL508 (listed). Safety
approvals pending.
¾ Before any installation, maintenance or modification work
ensure that the main switch is switched off and prevented
from being switched on again. Non-observance, touching of
any live components or improper handling of this power
supply can result in death, severe personal injury or
substantial property damage. Proper and safe operation is
dependent on proper storage, handling, installation and
¾ Compliance with the relevant national regulations (in the USA,
Europe and other countries) must be ensured. Before
operation is started the following conditions must be ensured:
™ Connection to mains supply in compliance with national
regulations (e.g. VDE0100 and EN50178).
™ By use of stranded wires, all strands must be fastened in
the terminal blocks. (Potential danger of contact with the
™ Power supply and mains cables must be sufficiently fused.
™ Degree of protection = I according to IEC536.The
non-fused protective earth connection must be connected
to the PE terminal (Protection Class I).
™ All output wires must be rated for the power supply output
current and must be connected with the correct polarity.
™ Sufficient cooling must be ensured.
Installation Instructions:
¾ This power supply is designed for professional indoor
systems. In operation the power supply must not be
accessible. It may be installed and put into service by
qualified personnel only.
¾ Do not operate without PE connection! To comply with
EMC and safety standards (CE mark, approvals) the
power supply must be operated only if PE terminal is
connected to the non-fused earth conductor.
¾ The correct mounting position for optimal cooling
performance must be observed. Do not cover any
ventilation holes. Leave a free space of minimum 50mm
(2in.) above and below the power supply. Observe power
¾ The internal fuse is not accessible, as it may not be
replaced by the user. If this internal fuse has blown, the
power supply has most properly an internal defect and, for
safety reasons, must be shipped to the local distributor. In
case this internal fuse has to be replaced in the field,
replace only with same type and rating of fuse for
continued protection against risk of fire.
¾ To comply with the ATEX directive following installation
instructions have to be observed.
Switch cabinets or protective housing that meet the
requirements of EN 60079-15 or if applicable EN
60079-0 (housing protection type min. IP54)
The permissible ambient temperature range is -20°C to
+70°C [-4°F to 158°F]. Observe load derating above an
Operating temperature of +40°C [104°F] and at a use at
Vin = 85Vac – 100Vac.
For installation in switch cabinets or in protective
housings, it must be ensured that the stipulated
maximum temperatures (Ta) are not exceeded on these
power supplies.
When assembling and maintenance the pluggable
terminals its always must be completely pushed in. In
particular the snap-in locking devices at the pluggable
terminals are to be examined for correct locking.
Terminals with defective snap-in locking devices may not
be used.
The power supply units are Unit Group II Category 3G
components (ex components) as defined by RL 94/9/EG
(ATEX 95) Appendix I. A separate conformity on the
end-equipment which contains these components
evaluation process must be performed.
For use / Installation also the requirements defined in
EN60079-14 must be observed.
¾ Never work on the power supply if power is supplied!
Risk of electric arcs and electrical shock, which can cause
death, severe personal injury or substantial property damage.
¾ Warning: Hazardous voltages and components storing a very
substantial amount of energy are present in this power supply
during normal operating conditions. However, these are
inaccessible. Improper handling may result in an electric
shock or serious burns! Do not open the power supply until
at least 5 minutes after it has been disconnected from the
mains on all poles.
™ Only trained personnel may open the power supply.
™ Do not introduce any objects into the power supply. The
output voltage adjustment potentiometer may only be
actuated using an insulated screwdriver.
™ Keep away from fire and water
The Series TSPC power supply units can be installed in
¾ Note: This unit contains an input voltage selection switch.
Select switch marking 115 represents input voltage range
85-132VAC and 230 represents input voltage range
187-264VAC. Do not change the input voltage from
115Vac to 230Vac without disconnecting the input supply
line first and setting the input voltage selection switch to
the correct input voltage range.
¾ Recycling: The unit contains elements that are suitable for
recycling, and components that need special disposal. You
are therefore requested to make sure that the power
supply will be recycled environment friendly at the end of
its service life.
Rev:1.4/ 4114