TCL-REM240 Redundancy Module for TCL series
This module enables redundancy operation of any two TCL models by decoupling the 2 power supplies. It
can also be used to separate sensitive loads from the main power supply.
Order Code
Nominal Input
Max power per
Output voltage
Voltage Range
200 Watt
Max. Output Current
Vin - 0.9Vdc
Operating temperature range: -10°C – +70°C max
Natural Air Convection Cooling 14°F – +158°F max
Storage temperature range:
-25°C – +85°C max
-13°F – +185°F max
Parallel Operation:
Up to 2 power supplies possible
Electromagnetic compatibility:
In correspondence to connected units (no internal switching device)
Case material:
Grey plastic  FR2010-110C (PC-ABS V0)
Detachable screw terminal block
Connection Diagram:
Rev: 48/11
Safety Instructions:
Before installation read these instructions carefully and
completely. This installation instruction cannot account for
every possible condition of installation, operation or
maintenance. Further information can be obtained from
your local distributor’s office or from the product datasheet,
which can be downloaded, from the Internet at
The mains supply voltage connection, must be in
accordance to IEC 62103, EN 50178 and IEC 60364, VDE
Before any installation, maintenance or modification work
ensure that the main switch is switched off and prevented
from being switched on again. Non-observance, touching
of any live components or improper handling of
TCL-REM240 can result in death, severe personal injury or
substantial property damage. Proper and safe operation is
dependent on proper storage, handling, installation and
Installation Instructions:
This TCL-REM240 is designed for professional indoor
systems. In operation the TCL-REM240 must not be
accessible. It may be installed and put into service by
qualified personnel only.
The correct mounting position for optimal cooling
performance must be observed. Do not cover any
ventilation holes. Leave a free space of minimum 50mm
(2in.) above and below the power supply. Observe power
Recycling: The unit contains elements that are suitable for
recycling, and components that need special disposal. You
are therefore requested to make sure that the power
supply will be environment friendly recycled at the end of
its service life.
Compliance with the relevant national regulations (in the
USA, Europe and other countries) must be ensured.
Before operation is started the following conditions must
be ensured:
Connection to the TCL power supplies in compliance
with national regulations (VDE0100 and EN50178).
By use of stranded wires, all strands must be fastened
in the terminal blocks.
All input and output wires must be rated for the rated
current and must be connected with the correct polarity.
Sufficient cooling must be ensured.
Never work on TCL-REM240 if power is supplied! Risk
of electric arcs and electrical shock, which can cause
death, severe personal injury or substantial property
Warning: Do not open the TCL-REM240 until at least 5
minutes after it has been disconnected from the power
supplies on all poles.
Only trained personnel may open the TCL-REM240.
Do not introduce any objects into the power supply.
Keep away from fire and water
Rev: 48/11