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4G / Cellular Embedded Antenna
Description / Application
This is a high performance embedded antenna for Machine to Machine (M2M) applications such as Electric Meters that operate in
698-960 MHz and 1710-2700 MHz 4G Bands. Standard cable is U.FL & connector is IPX/Hirose Plug. The Antenna is backed by a
3M double stick industry grade tape for easy installation.
We can assist your engineers to optimize mounting positions for these antennas in your specific application and can further assist to
trouble shoot system integration issues such as TRP/TIS and FCC requirements. We specialize in developing customized Antenna
solutions. Please contact [email protected] with your specific application requirements.
Electrical Properties
Operating Frequency
Approximate Antenna Impedance [Ω]
VSWR – Typical*
Peak Gain [dBi] (Typical)*
Efficiency [%] (Typical)*
Accepted Power [W] (Max)
698 – 960 MHz
1710 – 2700 MHz
< 3:1
< 3:1
< 3.5 dBi
< 4 dBi
40 – 60 %
50 – 70 %
Near Omni-directional
Near Omni-directional
2 Watts
2 Watts
*Note: The above mentioned relevant performance metrics are recorded with the Antenna wrapped around (installed) an electric meter’s surface,
inside the upper plastic cap/drum. Since this is an embedded Antenna, performance may vary based on the Antenna placement within a device &
also with the variance of the Cable routing.
Mechanical / Environmental Properties
Antenna Dimensions
Antenna Color
Double Stick Tape
Operating / Storage Temperature
UV Tolerance
Hazardous Materials
Rev: 1.0
Created on: February 19, 2014
4.66’’ X 1.81’’ X 10 mils
(118.5mm X 46mm X 0.25mm)
8.5’’ long 1.32mm OD Micro Co-ax / U.FL
IPX / Hirose equivalent
15 mils thick 3M 4920 VHB
-40 C to +90 C
100% UV Resistant
Meets standards for UL 94V-0
RoHS Compliant
Created by: MKS
Approved by: BP
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Pictures of the Antenna
15 mils 3M 4920 tape
Rev: 1.0
Created on: February 19, 2014
Created by: MKS
Approved by: BP
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