•Floating measurement of high-voltage waveforms
•Detection of power supply surge noise
•RMS rectified output
Introducing a new 3-function universal probe
3-phase inverter output circuit
(Floating measurement is essential due to varying emitter potentials of each phase.)
3-phase inverter waveform recording example
­­❑ Product outline and features
the DIFFERENTIAL PROBE 9322 raises the rating level to 1500V
AC (CAT II), 600V AC (CAT III), allowing measurement of circuits
carrying even larger common mode voltages. Potential differences can
be measured for input voltages of up to 2000V DC or 1000V AC (CAT
II), 600V AC/DC (CAT III), producing a 1/1000 divided output.
3 kinds of measurement with a single probe
The DIFFERENTIAL PROBE 9322 provides floating measurement of
high voltage waveforms, detection of surge noise on power supply lines,
and true RMS rectified output of high voltage AC.
Works with a variety of power supplies, such as an
AC adapter or logic terminal
Measurement of power line surge noise (AC mode)
Floating measurement of high-voltage waveforms
(DC mode)
Provides output of true RMS rectified voltages (RMS
For operation, convenience is the key. Operating power for the
DIFFERENTIAL PROBE 9322 can be supplied from the standard
logic terminals of a MEMORY HiCORDER or the clamp sensor input
terminals of an F/V UNIT 8940, as well as from the probe's own AC
ADAPTER 9418 -15.
When measuring the potential difference in signals containing
a large common mode voltage component on commercial power
lines, an electrocution hazard exists unless measurement is done
using an instrument with fully isolated inputs, such as a MEMORY
HiCORDER. When measuring signals carrying common mode
voltages with a high frequency component (such as those produced by
inverter control circuits and switching power supplies), measurements
are greatly affected by the rate of common mode elimination at the
isolated inputs. Although MEMORY HiCORDERs provide the greatest
possible to-ground voltage rating (ordinarily 400V AC or DC), use of
Upon selecting the AC output mode, the AC coupled signal inside the
probe is divided by 1000 for output. Since the probe's frequency range
is from 1kHz to 10MHz, output waveforms are produced only when
input voltages contain high frequency components, such as surge noise
imposed on 50/60Hz commercial mains power. The probe can thus
serve as either a noise detector or for measurement of wave peaks.
Upon selecting the RMS output mode, the input signal is divided by
1000, rectified to obtain the true RMS value, then output as a direct
current voltage. True RMS rectification is performed by an analog
circuit with a bandwidth of 40Hz to 100kHz, allowing true RMS
conversion of signals containing high frequency components, such as
inverter output waveforms, as well as 50/60Hz commercial mains.
Main Applications
● Measurement of potential differences included in common mode
voltages, such as IGBT
● Measurement of commercial power line waveforms, such as on 400V
power lines
● Measurement of high voltage surge noise waveforms
● Measurement of the RMS value of inverter outputs, etc.
Dimensions and mass: approx. 70 (2.76in) W × 150 (5.91in) H × 25 (0.98in) D mm,
approx. 350g (12.3oz)
Cable length: Main unit cable 1.3 m (4.27 ft), input section cable 46 cm (1.51 ft)
Basic specifications (Accuracy at 23 ±5°C/73 ±9°F, 35 to 80% rh, after 30 minutes of warm-up time; accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)
Measurement functions
Input type
Voltage division ratio
Input resistance,
Maximum input voltage
Maximum rated
voltage to earth
Common mode
elimination ratio
Power supply
(1) DC mode, (2) AC mode, (3) RMS mode
Balanced differential input
H–L: 9 MΩ, approx 10 pF (C at 100 kHz)
H, L–case: 4.5 MΩ, approx 20 pF (C at 100 kHz)
BNC terminal (DC/AC/RMS 3-mode selectable output)
2000 V DC, 1000 V AC (CAT II ), 600 V AC/DC (CAT III )
When using grabber clip: 1500V AC/DC (CAT II), 600V AC/DC
When using alligator clip: 1000V AC/DC (CAT II), 600V AC/
10000:1 or better (input/output ratio at 50/60 Hz with input shorted)
1000:1 or better (input/output ratio at 100 kHz or 1 MHz with input
(1)AC ADAPTER 9418-15 (DC 12 V±10%)*1
(2)Power supply through POWER CORD 9324 connected to
logic connector on MEMORY HiCORDER.*2
(3)Power supply through POWER CORD 9325 connected to
sensor connector on F/V UNIT 8940.*3
(4)Power supply through POWER CORD 9328 connected to
DC jack on Input UNIT 8950/ 8952/ 8953/ 8955, for
(5)Power supply through POWER CORD 9248 connected
to the PROBE POWER UNIT 9687, for MEMORY
HiCORDER 8860-50/ 8861-50.
*1 Operating voltage range: +5 to +12V, less than 300mA.
DC jack OD 5.5 mm, ID 2.1 mm
*2 Power jack on probe connects to logic connector on MEMORY HiCORDER through
the POWER CORD 9324.
Up to "4 power cords" can be connected to the MEMORY HiCORDER 8826,
Only "1 cord" can be connected to the MEMORY HiCORDER 8841, 8842, 8835
or 8835-01.
With the 8841, 8842, 8835, and 8835-01, the DIFFERENTIAL PROBE 9322
cannot be used in combination with the LOGIC PROBEs 9320 and 9321.
With the 8826, the 9322 can be used with the 9320/9321 in the following
"9324 × 4 with no 9320/9321"
"9324 × 3 and 9320/9321 × 4"
"9324 × 2 and 9320/9321 × 6"
"9324 × 1 and 9320/9321 × 7"
*3 Power jack on probe connects to sensor connector on the F/V UNIT 8940 through
the POWER CORD 9325.
Up to "6 power cords" 9325 can be used with the MEMORY HiCORDERs 8826,
8841, and 8842,
and up to "4 power cords" can be used with the MEMORY HiCORDER 8835-01.
When used in combination with the CLAMP SENSORs 3273 or 9270 series,
up to "6 power cords" can be used in combination with the 8826
and up to "4 power cords" can be used in combination with the 8841, 8842, and
DC mode
Waveform monitor output
Frequency characteristic DC to 10 MHz, ±3 dB
DC amplitude
±1 % f.s. (1000 V DC or less)
±3 % f.s. (2000 V DC or less)
f.s.=2000 V DC
AC mode
Frequency response
Detection of power line surge noise
1 kHz to 10 MHz ±3 dB
RMS mode
Frequency response
Output accuracy
Response speed
Rectified RMS output of DC and AC voltages
DC, 40 Hz to 1 kHz : ±1 % f.s.
1 kHz to 100 kHz : ±4 % f.s. f.s.=1000 V AC
200 ms or less (400 V AC )
CE mark compliance
Supplied accessories
Safety: EN61010, EMC: EN61326
Alligator clips (2), Grabber clips (2), CARRYING CASE
3853 (1)
(1)Power supply from the AC ADAPTER (2)Power supply from logic probe terminal via
the POWER CORD 9324
(3) Power supply from sensor connector on 8940 via
the POWER CORD 9325
(4) Power supply from the MEMORY HiCORDER
8855 via the POWER CORD 9328
(5) Power supply from the MEMORY HiCORDER 8860-50/ 8861-50 via
the POWER CORD 9248 and the PROBE POWER UNIT 9687
O rd e r i n g i n f o r m a t i o n
• The DIFFERENTIAL PROBE 9322 cannot be used by itself. Please use it in
combination with a HIOKI MEMORY HiCORDER.
• The DIFFERENTIAL PROBE 9322 requires a power supply.
DIFFERENTIAL PROBE 9322 (up to 2kV DC, 1kV AC)
Usable Input Units
● Usable HiCORDERs
MEMORY HiCORDER 8860-50/8861-50
(Input unit sold
8956, 8957, 8959, 8936, 8938
MEMORY HiCORDER 8860/8861 (Input unit sold separately)
MEMORY HiCORDER 8855 (Input unit sold separately)
MEMORY HiCORDER 8841/8842 (Input unit sold separately)
MEMORY HiCORDER 8835 -01 /8835 (Input unit sold
8956, 8957, 8959, 8936, 8938
8950, 8952, 8953-10, 8955
8936, 8938
MEMORY HiCORDER 8826 (Input unit sold separately)
8936, 8938
MEMORY HiCORDER 8807-50/8808-50
POWER HiCORDER 8714/8715
(Equipped with input section as standard)
(Equipped with input section as standard)
(Equipped with input section as standard)
8936, 8938
● Options
POWER POWER UNIT 9687 (Factory-installed option, built in on the bottom case of
the MEMORY HiCORDER 8860-50/ 8861-50.) Simultaneously power up to 8 units of the 9322.
(Max. 3A output)
POWER CORD 9248 (Power supply from the PROBE POWER UNIT 9687 for the
POWER CORD 9324 (Power supply from large type logic connector)
POWER CORD 9325 (Power supply from 8940 sensor connector)
POWER CORD 9328 (Power supply from 8950, 8952, 8953-10, 8955 input units for
MEMORY HiCORDER 8860-50/ 8861-50)
AC ADAPTER 9418-15 (Universal power supply for AC 100 to 200 V commercial mains;
outputs DC 12V/ 2.5A.)
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All information correct as of Dec. 25, 2007. All specifications are subject to change without notice.
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