Document No: 9100-127-1410-99 Rev E
August 2015
Document No: 9100-127-1410-99 Rev E
1: Introduction
This High Bay light is designed for illumination of industrial locations. It uses the latest in solid state
lighting technology for long life, low maintenance, and high efficiency.
The unique optical design focuses light downward to where it is needed, giving improved efficiency
over a conventional HID luminaire.
An internal power-factor-corrected switch-mode supply allows it to be used from any nominal 120V277V, 50/60Hz AC supply without any variation in light output.
The unit is provided with an occupancy sensor that will increase light output from approximately
20% brightness to 100% brightness when motion is detected. The sensor’s position and detection
pattern is adjustable, as well as the length of time the unit operates at full brightness.
Models HB1xxx, HB3xxx, HB5xxx, and HB6xxx are suitable for use in the following locations:
Dry locations only as per UL 1598
Models HB0xxx, HB2xxx, HB4xxx, HB7xxx, HBGxxx, HBWxxx, HBLxxx, HBExxx are suitable for
use in the following locations:
Wet locations as per UL 1598
Outdoor Type (Salt Water) as per UL 1598A
Note: Save these instructions for future reference.
2: Installation
To avoid the risk of fire, explosion, or electric shock, this product should be installed, inspected,
and maintained by a qualified electrician only, in accordance with all applicable electrical codes.
To avoid electric shock:
Be certain electrical power is OFF before and during installation and maintenance.
Luminaire must be connected to a wiring system with an equipment-grounding conductor.
Make sure the supply voltage is the same as the rated luminaire voltage.
Do not operate in ambient temperatures above those indicated on the luminaire nameplate.
Surface temperatures of models HBExxx, HB6xxx, and HB7xxx may exceed 100 °C (212°F) in
some operating conditions. End user and installers are responsible for installing HBExxx,
HB6xxx, and HB7xxx in an appropriate and safe environment.
Recommended mounting height: 25-40 feet
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Document No: 9100-127-1410-99 Rev E
Pendent Mount Installation Steps:
For maximum long term reliability and light output, the light must be installed in free air.
o The High Bay fixture design incorporates an over-temperature control circuit that
reduces input power should internal temperatures reach a maximum level. As a
result, light output may be reduced.
The High Bay fixture is threaded for 3/4” NPT in order to be assembled to conduit.
o Calculate and measure required conduit length.
o Feed the power cable through the conduit and into the junction box.
o Attach the fixture to the conduit (using Teflon tape or pipe sealant).
o Insert 1/4-20 anti-rotation screw in order to secure the fixture to the conduit.
o Note: For model number HBExxx, HB6xxx, and HB7xxx only, alignment bar on top
of fixture corresponds to major axis of the “narrow oval” light pattern.
Connect power cable conductors as follows:
o Green wire connects to Safety Ground.
o White wire connects to Neutral
o Black wire connects to Live
When using 208V (two 120V phases) connect the black wire to one phase and the
white wire to the other phase.
 Since the light fixture does not have an internal fuse on the white wire (as
it is normally the neutral), a fuse may be connected in series with the white
wire if required.
Remove protective film (if present) from the High Bay fixture lens.
Restore power and verify operation.
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Document No: 9100-127-1410-99 Rev E
Occupancy Sensor:
Instructions from the sensor manufacturer for use and operation are included with this manual as a
separate sheet. DO NOT DISCARD.
3: Maintenance
To avoid personal injury, disconnect power to the light and allow the unit to cool down
before performing maintenance.
Warning: No user serviceable parts inside of fixture. Risk of electric shock. Removal of the
lens will void the warranty.
1) Perform visual, mechanical and electrical inspections on a regular basis. We recommend
routine checks to be made on a yearly basis. Frequency of use and environment should
determine this. It is recommended to follow an Electrical Preventive Maintenance Program
as described in NFPA 70B: Recommended Practice for Electrical Equipment.
2) The lens should be cleaned periodically as needed to ensure continued photometric
performance. Clean the lens with a damp, non-abrasive, lint-free cloth. If not sufficient, use
mild soap or a liquid cleaner. Do not use an abrasive, strong alkaline or acid cleaner as
damage may occur.
3) Inspect the cooling fins on the luminaire to ensure that they are free of any obstructions or
contamination (i.e. excessive dust build-up). Clean with a non-abrasive cloth if needed.
4: Specifications
Nominal AC Supply Voltage
120-277VAC, 50-60Hz single phase
Power consumption
150W nominal at full brightness
HBxxQQ: 175W nominal at full brightness
Operating temperature range
-40°C to +65°C [-40°F to +149°F]
Power factor (Full Brightness)
ATHD (Full Brightness)
<5% @120VAC
<10% @230/240VAC
<12% @277VAC
Dimensions (Height x Diameter)
5” x 16” [12.7cm x 40.6cm]
17 lbs [7.7 kg]
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Document No: 9100-127-1410-99 Rev E
All statements, technical information and recommendations contained herein are based on information and
tests we believe to be reliable. The accuracy or completeness thereof is not guaranteed. In accordance with
Dialight Corporation “Terms and Conditions of Sale”, and since conditions of use are outside our control, the
purchaser should determine the suitability of the product for his intended use and assumes all risk and liability
whatsoever in connection therewith.
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