Cirrus Logic

CS48DV2/6 Processor with Dolby® Volume
The final solution to inconsistent volume issues
CS48DV2/6 Processor Overview:
CS48DV2/6 Processor Target Markets:
The CS48DV2 and CS48DV6 processors give
OEMs a cost effective, fixed-function,
simple-to-design Dolby Volume solution
Digital Televisions
5.1 Channel AVRs
Dolby Volume Overview:
• Consistent volume across all input sources
and all content
• Consistent volume within the same program
• Eliminates need to constantly adjust volume
• Full, rich, and consistent experience at all
volume levels
• Improved vocal and surround perception at
low volume levels
Automotive Entertainment
2.1/5.1 Channel Hi-Fi,
DVD Receivers and HTiBs
• No artifacts or audible side effects
CS48DV2/6 Processor Features:
• 2.0 to 2.1 Channel / 3.0 to 5.1 Channel
32-bit fixed-function Dolby Volume
processing (512 FFT Window / 20-Band)
• CS48DV2 supports up to 2.1 channel 32-bit
PCM I/O at Fs of 32kHz, 44.1kHz & 48kHz
• CS48DV6 supports up to 5.1 channel 32-bit
PCM I/O at Fs of 32kHz, 44.1kHz & 48kHz
• Integrated S/PDIF Transmitter
• 2/6 Channeld DSD input support (Rev. B)
• SPI™/I2C® serial control port
• Low-power standby: 260µW
CS48DV2/6 Key Benefits:
• Easy to design – only 10 parameters to
control from host microcontroller
• High-performance & low cost
• No external SRAM/SDRAM memory needed
• Dedicated part number simplifies tracking
and reporting tasks, reducing liability
• Firmware image can be downloaded from
either host microcontroller or from external
SPI Flash device at speeds up to 12.288Mhz
The CS48DV2 Processor with Dolby Volume implemented in a 2.1 channel DTV application
Using the Cirrus Logic CS48DVx / CS49DV8
Controller GUI for Dolby Volume
Ordering Information:
CS48DV2/6 Processor Family
(Available April ‘08)
(Available April ‘08)
(Available December ‘07)
48-Pin LQFP
Eval. Boards
Application Note
Cirrus Logic CS48DVx /
CS49DV8 Dolby Volume Controller GUI:
software tool offers
a simple and quick
method during the evaluation & design
(Available December ‘07)
The CS48DV2/6 ICs are programmed with the latest Dolby Volume firmware
using the Cirrus Logic proprietary GUI software development & evaluation tool
called Dolby Volume Controller. This same tool then configures the CS48DV2/6
through the SPI™/I2C® serial port via the USB 2.0 cable. The IC can be sent a
command to boot itself using firmware loaded from ROM within the CS48DV2/6
(starting with Rev B Silicon - available in April, 2008), or it may be downloaded
through the serial control port from either a master host microcontroller or an
external I2C EEPROM or SPI Flash device. In all cases, the host microcontroller
is responsible for downloading the specific hardware and software configuration
commands. All Dolby Volume parameters running on the CS48DV2/6 firmware
can be adjusted in real-time as well as allowing 6 different presets to be saved
and recalled easily, enabling very simple and quick “A/B” listening tests for the
target design.
2 Channel
Dolby Volume
Evaluation Kit
CDB48DV6-USB 6 Channel Dolby Volume Evaluation Kit
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