CS485xx Product Bulletin

CS485xx Family Audio DSP
Better Sound Made Simple
CS485xx Family Target Markets:
The CS48520, CS48540 and CS48560 ICs
give OEMs a cost effective and simple-to-design
audio post-processing solution that provides an
extensive selection of enhanced audio features
to maximize the end user’s listening experience.
Digital Televisions/Soundbars
Accessory Products
CS485xx Family Features:
• Multichannel 32-bit audio post processing at
150 MHz with dual MACs (300 M MACs/Sec)
• CS48520 supports 4 channel 32-bit PCM I/O
• CS48540 supports 8 channel 32-bit PCM I/O
• CS48560 supports 12 channel 32-bit PCM I/O
• 192 kHz S/PDIF Tx
• SPI™/I2C ® serial control port
Blu-ray®/DVD™ Receivers
& HTiB Systems
• Low-power standby: 260µW
• Large on-chip RAM & ROM
• Programmable GUI software tool
• Licensed third party audio processing
algorithms in ROM, plus extensive library
of Cirrus proprietary downloadable and
customizable firmware - see back for complete
list of algorithms
CS485xx Family Key Benefits:
• Easy to design – most standard processing
features & some 3rd party algorithms in ROM
• DSP Composer GUI simplifies programming
• High performance-to-cost ratio
• No external memory needed
• Complete PCM processor in a single IC:
• Matrix decoders
• Automatic volume leveling/modeling
• Speaker and headphone virtualizers
• Bass management
• Speaker and cabinet tuning
• Automatic speaker/room EQ
• Lip-sync delay
Cirrus Logic’s CS48520 & CS4525 as used in a 2.1 channel DTV application
CS485xx Family
DSP GUI Programming Environment with
CDB48500-USB Development Platform
Ordering Information:
CS485xx Family Audio Processors
48-Pin LQFP
Evalulation Board
Application Note
AN298, AN298 Family
DSP Composer
GUI Software Tool
Standard Processing Bass management
Graphic/Parametric EQ
Matrix mixer
Tone control, etc.
Cirrus Proprietary Algorithm Support
Cirrus BandXpandeR™
Cirrus Extra Surround™
Cirrus Original Surround™
Cirrus Virtualizer Technology™
Cirrus Original Multichannel
Surround™ / II (COMS/COMS2)
Cirrus Dynamic Volume Leveler™
Cirrus Intelligent Room Correction™ / II (IRC/IRC2)
Extensive 3rd Party Algorithm Support
Audistry™ by Dolby®
Audyssey™ Dynamic EQ
Audyssey™ Dynamic Volume
Dolby® Pro Logic® II/IIx
Dolby® Virtual Speaker®
Dolby® Headphone®
DTS Neo:6™
DTS SurroundSensation™
Neural-THX® Surround
SRS® Automotive™
SRS® CircleSurround® II
SRS® TruSurround XT/HD/HD4™
SRS® Volume IQ™
The CS48520/40/60 is programmed using the Cirrus Logic proprietary GUI
software development tool called DSP Composer™. An audio processing
chain is designed using a drag and drop interface. The tool then configures
the CS48520/40/60 through the SPI™/I2C® serial port. The firmware
may be loaded from the ROM within the CS48520/40/60 or it may be
downloaded through the serial control port.
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