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CX20548 ESFxx Soft Modem
ImagingSmart™ Product Brief
ESF Soft Modem Technology with SmartDAA® 4 for Embedded
Linux on SoCs/MPUs with Integrated Conexant SSD
Product Overview
Key Features
The ESFxx using the CX20548
SmartDAA® 4 LSD is well-suited to
embedded applications such as POS
terminals, STBs, Internet appliances,
meters, security systems, remote site
management, and other applications that require robust
dial-up connectivity. The ESFxx software modem
consists of a Conexant-supplied CX20548 SmartDAA 4
LSD and Conexant SmartDAA interface (SSD) that are
embedded into various SoC devices, specifically
Atmel’s SAM9G and SAMA5 family of MPUs. The
modem functionality is achieved by the SoC running
Conexant-supplied modem driver code built for the
Linux kernel along with Conexant's field-proven, marketleading fourth-generation silicon DAA. This combination
supports the lowest component LSD, and permits a
single-cost, optimized SKU that is capable of meeting
and exceeding global PTT standards.
The ESFxx is offered in V.22bis, V.32bis, and V.34
versions. The ESFxx leverages many generations of
signal processing expertise and know- how that,
coupled with Conexant’s market-leading and fieldproven DAA and third-party reference design kits,
makes this modem robust and easy to design.
The ESFxx modem is available in the smallest footprint
and environmentally friendly, RoHS/green-compliant
packages consisting of a CX20548 SmartDAA 4 LSD in
a 4mmx4mm 16-pin QFN package.
POS terminals
Security systems
Internet appliances
Conexant soft modem technology
Two-wire DIB interface
Up to V.34
Single 4mmx4mm 16-QFN device
Linux kernel 2.6.3x modem driver
Support for POS-specific fast connect protocols
OEM programmable country profiles and fourthgeneration SmartDAA support
EVK and reference designs supporting 6kV surge
Modulations and protocols
– V.34/V.32bis/V.32
– V.22bis/V.22/V.23/V.21
– Bell 212A/103
– V.29 FastPOS and V.22 Fast Connect
– V.80 synchronous access mode
V.44/V.42bis/MNP5 data compression
V.42/MNP2-4 error correction
Hardware and software flow control
Worldwide operation
– Complies to TBR21 and other country
– Type I caller ID decoding
– Type II caller ID snooping
– Call progress, blacklisting
– Meets worldwide DC mask requirements
System Block Diagram
C us tom SoC
M icro
C o n tro lle r
In te rn a l
Fu n ctio n s
Conexant Confidential
• • 029PBR00
S S D(1)
A p p lica tio n
In te rfa ce s
System Side Device (SSD)
Embedded in Custom device
D ig ita l
Iso la tio n
B a rrie r
(D IB )
H ardw are
C X2 0 548
S m a rtD A A4
Line S ide
D e v ic e (LS D )
16 -P in Q FN
Te le p h o n e
L in e
In te rfa ce
D iscre te
C o m p o n e n ts
T elephone
H ands et
(O pt ional )
CX20548 ESFxx Soft Modem | ImagingSmart™ Product Brief
Additional Features
Compact, robust board design
– Reference design files
provided for quick time-tomarket
– Reference design tested for
PTT and TBR.21 approvals
– Small, low-profile modem
– Reference design supports
6kV isolation
SmartDAA Features
Extension pick-up detection
Digital line protection
Line reversal detection
Remote hang-up detection
Worldwide compliance
CX20548 SmartDAA 4 LSD in a
16-pin QFN
Worldwide support with a single
Field-proven and royalty-free
software modem technology with
Interfaces with an SoC device
with embedded Conexant HSSD
and long DIB operation
Robust dial-up connectivity
Small PCB area for modem
Widely used kernel for SoC
Compatibility with an established
POS server base
Allows worldwide support with a
single design
Quick time-to-market and low
system cost
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