Technical Data Sheet
Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors
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Dielectric: metallized polypropylene
Wound capacitor technology
Plastic case (UL 94 V-0)
Epoxy resin sealing
0,8 ± 0,05 mm
• Flat terminals, tinned
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Rated capacitance
Capacitance tolerance (code letter)
Date of manutacture (code)
Delivery Mode
• Bulk
• Width (Bmax):
• Height (H max):
• Length (L max):
Plastic Case
Rated capacitance C:
Capacitance tolerance code (14th digit):
Rated DC voltage UN:
Rated AC voltage URMS:
Temperature Range (Case)
Climatic category according to IEC 68-1
Test voltage terminal to terminal:
Insulation resistance terminal to terminal
Loss factor (tang δ) @ 20ºC:
Pulse handling capability:
Pulse characteristic K0:
Issue by: Edmundo Werner Neto, FK EDC
Ed.: 1
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H max
B max
L max
31,0 mm
26,5 mm
43,6 mm
1,0 µF
K = ± 10%
1000 Vdc
480 Vac
-55 to +100°C
1,6 UN for 10s
30 G
(10 KHz)
450 V/µs
900 000 V /µs
Date: November, 14th/2006
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