Errata: CS5532/34-BS Rev. D Silicon

Errata: CS5532/34-BS rev D Silicon Errata
(Reference CS5532/34-BS data sheet revision DS755F2 dated MAY ’07).
The clock generation circuitry (the on-chip oscillator and the comparator that follows it)
may fail to generate a reliable clock for the converter under some bipolar power supply
Work Around:
To ensure proper operation when using the on-chip gate oscillator with the converter
powered from bipolar supplies, the following restriction is to be followed:
VD+ must be more positive than +3.2 V and VA- cannot be more negative than -[(VD+)-0.3].
For example:
If VD+ = 3.3 V, then VA- cannot be more negative than -[3.3-0.3] or –3.0 V.
If the converter is operated from a bipolar supply of:
VA+ = VD+ = +3.3V and VA- = -3.3 V
VA+= VD+ = 3.0 V and VA- = -3.0 V
the converter should be driven from an external clock source.
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