Errata: CS3302 Rev. C

Errata: CS3302 Rev C Errata
(Reference CS3302 data sheet revision DS596F3 dated DEC ’07)
Erratum #1: Integrated anti-alias filter resistor tolerance.
The integrated anti-alias filter resistors are specified as 750 Ω ±30%. However, this full
tolerance results in a variable phase delay between channels of a synchronous system.
Work Around:
Short Term - Resistor test limits tightened to 605 Ω ±6% @ -40°C and 675 Ω ±5% @ 85°C.
Long Term - New CS3302A device removes internal resistors and requires external resistors.
Erratum #2: Relative gain accuracy.
Relative gain accuracy specified as ±0.4% typical, ±0.8% max. Many acquisition systems
require better relative gain accuracy.
Work Around:
Production test limits tightened to ±0.2% max.
Erratum #3: Voltage noise test limit in 0.1 Hz - 10 Hz bandwidth.
Low-frequency noise specified as 1 µV peak-to-peak typical, 1.5 µV peak-to-peak max.
Statistical variability of the low-frequency noise measurement requires an increased max test
Work Around:
Production test limit increased to 3 µV peak-to-peak max. 1 µV peak-to-peak typical
specification is not affected.
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