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Features & benefits of using
Mass InterConnect
Standard and Custom ITA Enclosures: Our in-house
wiring team and product design engineers can build
and assemble complete discrete-wired enclosures.
Custom options include cut-outs, screening and
specialty hinges and covers.
90 Series Receiver and Receiver Modules: A rugged InterConnect
mechanism to connect to test instrumentation. Mates to the ITA
frame and modules.
90 Series ITA and ITA Modules: Mates to the Receiver
90 Series Tabletop: The tabletop configuration
and ITA enclosure houses Receiver to ITA cabling for
security and strain relief.
allows the S6 and G12 (shown) to be mounted
to any horizontal surface.
iSeries Receiver Cable Assemblies: iSeries Receivers connect
to Standard/90 Series modules in the 90 Series ITA.
iSeries Receiver Connectors: Mount to either an ITA enclosure
or rack panel for secondary or primary test connections.
iSeries Interchangeable Test Adapter (ITA) Connectors:
Connect to the iSeries Receiver connectors. ITA cable
assemblies house wiring within the connector to protect and
provide strain relief.
Mounting Options: VPC provides three types of mounting
options to allow for easy access to test instrumentation:
Fixed mounting, Vertical Hinged Mounting Frame, and
Slide configuration.
Unit Under Test (UUT): Connect directly to
your UUT using secondary VPC connectors
or direct connections with custom designed
Instrument Card Solutions: Using our Wire+ Configurator find
over 3000 pre-engineered cable assemblies and InterConnect
adapters supporting hundreds of PXI, LXI and VXI instrument cards.
Dynamic Cable Assemblies: Double-ended VPC to
VPC cables or VPC to vendor connectors give customers
a full range of cable solutions.
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