Agilent E2094S
IO Libraries Suite 15.5
Data Sheet
“Connecting to
instruments just works”
• Automatically detects instruments
connected to your PC and configures the interfaces
• Compatible with GPIB, USB,
Ethernet/LAN, RS-232, and VXI
test instruments from a variety
of vendors
• I/O software that enables instrument communication for a variety
of development environments
(Agilent VEE Pro, MATLAB®,
NI LabVIEW, Microsoft Visual
Studio® and more)
Establish an error-free connection between your test
instruments and your PC in less than 15 minutes
Agilent E2094S IO Libraries Suite
eliminates hours of effort and endless
details that come with installing, connecting and configuring PC-controlled
test systems. Using this connectivity
software, you can connect your
instruments to your PC as easily as
you connect a printer — even if your
system combines instruments from
multiple vendors.
Simply install Agilent’s IO Libraries
Suite on your PC. Then hook up the
USB, Ethernet/LAN, RS-232 or GPIB
cables between your instruments and
your PC. In less than 15 minutes you
have an error-free connection that
simply works.
When you install IO Libraries Suite
on your PC, it dynamically identifies
smart defaults for installation based
on your hardware configuration and
previously installed software. Of
course, you can always customize
the defaults if you wish. When
installation is complete, the software
automatically discovers instruments
connected to your PC and automatically configures and verifies the interfaces, no matter what vendor or what
software application you use.
“It simply works”
Connecting is
as easy as 1-2-3
1. Install Agilent IO Libraries Suite
software on your PC
2. Hook up the USB, LAN, RS-232
or GPIB cables between your
instruments and your PC
• Intelligent task guide designed for both experts and occasional users
• Easy-to-follow “Tree View” outline of all I/O interfaces helps you see
connected devices immediately
3. Detect instruments and devices,
then configure interfaces using
Connection Expert
Easily mix instruments from
different vendors
Write programs the way
you want
Agilent IO Libraries Suite eliminates
the headaches associated with trying
to combine hardware and software
from different vendors. The software
is compatible with GPIB, USB, LAN
and RS-232 test instruments, no
matter who makes them.
In addition the IO Libraries are
compatible with a variety of application development environments and
programming APIs including Agilent
Agilent 488 (compatible with
NI-488.2), giving you even more
flexibility to choose the software
and the hardware from any vendor
to get your job done.
When you install the IO Libraries
Suite, the software checks for the
presence of other I/O software on
your computer. If it finds another vendor’s VISA libraries (such as National
Instruments), it automatically installs
in a side by side mode that allows
you to use your existing I/O software
and the Agilent software together in
multi-vendor systems without you
being concerned with the behind-thescenes details.
Works with millions of existing
instruments from hundreds of
Use the most trusted and reliable
technology for your connections.
The IO Libraries Suite ships with more
than 350 instruments from Agilent
Technologies. It works with literally
millions of existing instruments —
helping you to minimize the number
of software packages you need. You
won’t have to switch between packages as you use a mix of existing and
new instruments in the future.
Supported interfaces*
GPIB: standard IEEE 488.1
USB: USB 2.0 or lower (with the USBTMC or USBTMC-USB488 protocol)
LAN/Ethernet: standard LAN (with VXI-11, SICL-LAN and sockets)
Supported development environments and supported I/O software
VB6: VISA COM, VISA, SICL, Agilent 488
C/C++, Managed C++: VISA COM, VISA
.NET languages (VB.NET, C#): VISA COM, VISA, Agilent 488
LabVIEW: VISA, Agilent 488, VISA COM
Note: Agilent IO Libraries Suite supports VEE Pro program development with drivers and/or Direct IO.
I/O utilities
Interactive IO
Interactive LXI
IO Monitor
VISA Assistant
IO control
VXI resource
Automatically scans and configures your instrument IO, helps you
get connected quickly and easily and displays the status of your
interfaces and instruments.
Lets you quickly send commands to instruments and read responses.
Allows you to send and receive LXI events, monitor, and manage LXI
instrument precision clocks.
Lets you monitor and debug I/O calls made on any of Agilent’s
supported buses using Agilent SICL, VISA, or VISA COM.
Uses VISA I/O Library to communicate with and control VXI, GPIB
and serial instruments. Main functionality is replaced by the
Interactive IO utility but in addition allows you to change VISA
attributes, configure drivers and provides memory I/O.
Provides easy access to the IO Libraries Suite from the PC screen
system tray.
Provides configuration of the IEEE 1394 connection from PC to VXI.
Debug utility uses VISA functions to find resources and lists them in
a console window.
* See the latest information on supported interfaces and operating systems for
IO Libraries Suite 15.5 at To identify
which versions of IO Libraries support particular operating system and interface
combinations, go to
System Requirements: Agilent IO Libraries version 15.5
PC software: Operating system
PC hardware
• Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit
(Starter, Home Basic, Home
Premium, Professional, Ultimate,
• Processor: 600 MHz Intel Pentium®
class (800 MHz or greater recommended)
• RAM: 256 megabytes (MB)
• Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit
(Home, Home Premium, Business,
Ultimate, Enterprise Editions)
• Hard disk space required: 1.5 GB
• Display: 800 x 600, 256 colors
• Input device: Microsoft mouse or
compatible pointing device
• Device for installation: CD-ROM
• Web connection for upgrades and
• Windows XP Pro or Home edition
service pack 2 or later, 32-bit only
(1 GB or greater recommended)
I/O software
compatibility—get the
best of both worlds
Even if you have multiple vendor
I/O software installed, you get the
best of all worlds with Agilent’s
open IO Libraries Suite. For
instance, the IO Libraries Suite
automatically detects NI’s software
and safely installs Agilent’s I/O
software to make them compatible with each other, so you have
maximum flexibility for instrument
control with the mixed vendor
system you use.
Ordering information
The Agilent IO Libraries Suite is
delivered to you on the “AutomationReady CD.” The CD is included with
Agilent Instruments and I/O hardware
(such as USB/GPIB converters, GPIB
cards, LAN/GPIB converters).
If you already own any of the above
Agilent products, and would like to
upgrade to the latest version of IO
Libraries Suite, download the free
upgrade software at
Automation-Ready CD
• IO Libraries Suite
◦ I/O libraries: VISA, VISA COM,
SICL, Agilent 488
◦ Connection Expert
◦ I/O utilities
◦ Getting Started Guide, Connectivity
Guide and full reference information for all I/O Libraries
◦ Sample programs
• Microsoft .NET Framework
Version 2.0 SP2
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