Agilent N1080A HDMI
Test Point Access (TPA) Adapters
Highest Performance and Broadest Bandwidth
Supports the Specification Version 1.3
Emerging consumer
and entertainment
equipment provides much
higher resolution for user
enjoyment. Higher resolutions
demand higher communication
rates, which place new demands
on the source, sink and channel.
The N1080A HDMI Test Point
Access Adapters
provide unrivaled convenience
and performance.
N1080A-HO1 TPA with type A plug
N1080A-HO2 TPA with type A receptacle
HDMI Standard
Test Point Access Adapters
The High Definition Multimedia Interface
(HDMI) standard has evolved driven by
demand for higher resolution. The low
profile connector is ideal for crowded
back panels and portable entertainment
devices having limited space for
connections and has been designed to
accommodate requirements of higher
resolutions. It is the primary interface for
HDTVs, Set-top Boxes, DVRs and DVDs
and may ultimately be used for Laptops.
The user would like to have the test point
access adapter (TPA) be as transparent
as possible to each measurement, to
connect to a wide range of product form
factors, and to have the flexibility of
measuring several parameters.
The standard, currently at release 1.3,
covers a wide range of high speed digital, low frequency, channel and protocol
N1080A-HO3 TPA low-frequency
and control board
Agilent’s N1080A HDMI Test Point Access
Adapters provide the widest bandwidth
and best performance on the market,
thus enabling the user to see the nuances
of their source eye diagrams, cable
differential impedance, attenuation
and sink performance.
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The N1080A TPA’s have low loss, very
good impedance and low intra-pair and
inter-pair skew. These TPA’s also have a
small form factor and conveniently connect to the rear of DVD players, flat panel
displays and other products that have the
HDMI connector in tight spaces.
N1080A Configuration
The N1080A comes in three different
Option H01 is a TPA with a plug and is
typically used, in conjunction with the low
frequency board, for testing Sources and
Sinks. Note that it does not include a
probing interconnect solution.
Infiniium DSO90000 oscilloscope
86100C/54754A TDR measurement
Cable Testing
The HDMI standard defines many
performance characteristics for cable
assemblies. When these TPA’s are paired
with the Agilent 86100C, 54754A TDR
modules and Option 202 advanced impedance and S-parameter software, the
user quickly and accurately measures all
required parameters on cables
including impedance, skew, attenuation,
and crosstalk.
The user quickly sees the interaction
between time and frequency domain, thus
allowing quick troubleshooting and design
Source Testing
The HDMI specification covers the source
tests such as voltage, skew, jitter, data
eye, rise times and many other parameters.
When these TPA’s are paired with
Agilent’s DSO90000 Infiniium oscilloscopes
and the N5399A HDMI Compliance Test
Software, the user will have uncompromized
accuracy and unrivaled simplicity in characterizing their source design. The TPA’s
excellent performance enables the user to
clearly see nuances in the transmitted
pattern and determine how to improve the
performance of the source and channel.
The N5399A HDMI Application automates
the measurement of several parameters
and provides the user a concise test
report of how their devices are
performing. This is particularly helpful before submitting the devices to the
Authorized Testing Centers (ATC) for
final approval.
Option H02 is a TPA with a receptacle, typically used in pairs for testing cables.
Note: For best accuracy a N1080A-H01
TPA plug and a N1024A TDR calibration kit
are required as well
Option H03 is the low frequency board
used for various tests on source modules.*
* The N1080A-H03 has a socket for an EDID
memory but not the actual chip itself.
Low Frequency Testing
The HDMI standard defines several low
frequency tests such as DDC/CEC line
capacitance, Hot Plug Detect, HPD
output resistance, etc. The N1080A Low
Frequency (LF) board, used in conjunction
with one of the N1080A TPA’s, correctly
configures the DUT for these low
frequency measurements.
Sink Testing
Section 8 of the HDMI standard covers
several tests for sinks such as swing
tolerance, skew and jitter tolerance.
These tests demand multiple channels
and flexible capability for signal
configuration. The Agilent ParBERT is
well suited to these tasks providing a
wide range of configurations and signal
types. The ParBERT delivers these
signals through the N1080A TPA’s,
enabling the user to quickly see the effect
of different signal types on their sink.
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