Integrated Circuits
BLA1752 Limiter Detector Module
Typical Performance:
• Freq. Range: 3 to 10 GHz (see note)
• Maximum Input Power: 500 W peak
(1 µSec pulse width @ 0.001 duty cycle)
• Minimum Detected Output Current
(terminated in 50 Ω):
- 6 mA @ 100 mW input
- 10 mA @ 1W input
- 20 mA @ 10 W to 500 W input
• Output Current Variation: 10 mA max
for Pin = 10 to 500 W peak
• Minimum Return Loss: 20 dB
• Operating Temperature: -20 to +70o C
Note: Units may be used up to 18 GHz with de-rated
The BLA1752 is a drop-in limiter-detector module. The module contains a diode limiter followed
by a Schottky detector diode. The presence of the diode limiter allows the module to provide a
detected output over a much greater dynamic range of input power than could be achieved by
the detector diode alone. Detected output can be either positive or negative.
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