90mW I/Q Modulator

90mW I/Q Modulator
Powered from a single supply from 2.7V to 3.6V, the LTC®5599’s 28mA supply current extends battery run time.
The modulator offers superb –52.6dBc sideband and – 51.5dBm carrier suppression – without the need of calibration. Its low
noise floor of –156dBm/Hz and 20dBm OIP3 capability ensure outstanding transmitter performance. The LTC5599’s built-in
configurability allows users to optimize performance from 30MHz to 1.3GHz, minimizing external components and saving costs.
Output Spectra (Optimized)
Built-in Configurability Features:
Info & Free Samples
•Gain Adjustable from 0dB to –19dB, with Supply Current Change from 35mA to 8mA
Need Inset
Visual Input
•Improves Sideband Suppression from –52.6dBc to –60dBc
•Reduces Carrier Leakage from –51.5dBm to –60dBm
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