Data sheet 2MF-2PR Module

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Central Electrical Unit
2MF-2PR Module
Ref. ICS-95898
• Power supply 12V or 24V
• 2 maxi fuseholders
• 2 power relay bases
• 6 power elements for input/output:
• 3 power elements per circuit
• A circuit is composed by one power relay
and one maxi fuse
• Cable harness connection on the rear side of the module
via JPT/MCP compatible: 3 row, 6 way connector
Front View
• Fly wheel diode (SM4007) in parallel of relay coil
• Standard power relays
• Standard maxi fuses
Rear View
Common functions such as HVAC, ABS, etc.
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more than you expect
Central Electrical Unit
2MF-2PR Module
component size
(depending on
Technical Data
Temperature range
-40 F to +176 F
Max. supply current
Max. 70A by 68 F ambient
Max. 50A by 104 F ambient
Max. 35A by 140 F ambient
Relay coils connection
JPT/MCP compatible: 3 row, 6 way connector
Input / Output connection (power stud)
Recommended wire section*
Power element female M5, 16 pins
Max. mounting torque: 2.2 Nm
Power element female M6, 25 pins
Max. mounting torque: 3.9 Nm
Current I ≤ 15A: 7.5A per mm²
Current I > 15A: 5A per mm²
* Refer to the selected cable specification
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more than you expect
Central Electrical Unit
2MF-2PR Module
Electrical Schematic
Max. current on the board should
not exceed 50A per circuit.
Connector: JPT 6 black (X901)
Female connector required for cable harness connection (view on cable entry)
Pinout on the connector corresponds to the associated component on the board.
(i.e. component K902.86 is connected to pin 6 from connector X901).
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