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Central Electrical Unit
Power Logic Module
Ref : ICS-95897
• 12V or 24V system available (Ref.: ICS-95897_12V or ICS-95897_24V)
• 2 power relay bases
• 9-way relay base for Micro ICCS or ICCS Micro CAN, which controls
and commands two power relays
• Fly wheel diode (SM4007) in parallel of relay coil
• Green LED indicator (modes to be programmed in Micro ICCS)
• 1 maxi fuse holder
• 4 power elements for input/output
• 2 power elements per circuit
• Circuit 1 is composed of 1 power relay protected by maxi fuse
and 2 power elements
• Circuit 2 is composed of 1 power relay, 2 power elements
and is not protected
• Cable harness connection on the rear side of the module via
JPT/MCP compatible: 3-row, 6- way connector
Front View
• Standard power relays
• Standard maxi fuses
• Micro ICCS for special function,
with or without CAN (high speed)
• SMD or THT pads for CAN bus termination
Rear View
By using Micro ICCS, any logical functions requesting up to 4 digital inputs, or 3 digital inputs and 1 analogue input can be achieved
(i.e. time delays, combinations, voltage level detection, etc.). By using ICCS Micro CAN, the module can directly handle CAN orders
or accomplish logic locally in addition to CAN information (i.e. proximity sensor, voltage level detection, etc.).
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Central Electrical Unit
Power Logic Module
102 mm
4.2 mm
component size
(depending on
60 mm
Technical Data
Temperature range
-40°C to +80°C
Max. supply current
Max. 70A by 25°C ambient
Max. 50A by 50°C ambient
Max. 35A by 60°C ambient
Board or system connection
JPT/MCP compatible:
3-row, 6-way connector
Input / Output connection
(power stud)
Power element female M5, 16 pins
Max. mounting torque: 2.2 Nm
Recommended wire section*
Current I ≤ 15A: 7.5A per mm²
Current I > 15A: 5A per mm²
* Refer to the selected cable specification
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Central Electrical Unit
Power Logic Module
Electrical Schematic
Follow the maximum supply
current per circuit.
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more than you expect
Central Electrical Unit
Power Logic Module
Connector: JPT 6 blue (X901)
Female connector is required for cable harness connection (view on cable entry)
Pin-out on the connector corresponds to the associated component on the board
(i.e. potential GND is connected to pin 1 from connector X901).
Jumper/Solder Bridge Function
To give the maximum flexibility to the function, we have integrated some soldering bridges to
enable some specific behavior which can be tuned through the ICCS programming or board use.
Bridge Reference
Voltage feedback from PR1 output (87) to Micro ICCS input X
Voltage feedback from PR2 output (87) to Micro ICCS input 15
Connection between connector’s pin 6 to PR1 coil (86)
and also ICCS pin X
use when no ICCS populated
use when no ICCS populated
Connection between connector’s pin 2 to PR2 coil (86)
and also ICCS pin 15
Use those bridges with care; may cause a
back feed to connector or ICCS module.
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