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CO50 Desktop Carbon
Monoxide (CO) Monitor
Measures Carbon Monoxide (CO) concentration, Air Temperature
and Humidity with user-settable CO audible alarm (30ppm default).
The CO50’s extra loud beeping alarm (>85dB at 3 meters) provides
an excellent way to monitor indoor air quality in large spaces.
Common CO Problem Areas:
- Gas stoves/ranges or clothes dryers used
- Gas-powered generators or small-engine
to heat homes- Out-of-adjustment burners
equipment such as weed wackers, leaf
- Blocked chimneys
blowers, lawn mowers operated in
- Gas or kerosene space heaters
enclosed areas
- Idling vehicles in garages
- Furnaces and water heaters with
- Charcoal grills used indoors
inadequate ventilation
Simultaneously displays Carbon Monoxide (CO)
Record/Recall Max reading for CO concentration
concentration, Air Temperature, and Relative Humidity
CO calibration function in fresh air
readings with date (Year, Month, Day) and time
Internal memory for manually storing up to
surpassed CO alarm threshold (red)
99 readings with recall function
Visibly bright LED indicates active monitoring (green) or
Complete with Universal AC adapter (100V-240V)
and multiple plug types (US, EU, UK, AUS)
Extra loud audible beeper alarm level meets UL 2013
Standard (>85dB @ 3 meters); default alarm threshold
at 30ppm (user adjustable)
Designed with Electrochemical CO sensor
Basic Accuracy
Carbon Monoxide (CO)
0 to 999ppm
Temperature (Air)
14 to 140°F (-10 to 60°C)
Relative Humidity
10 to 90%RH
±5%RH @ 25°C
6.1 x 3.4 x 3.2" (155 x 87 x 81mm)
5.8oz (165g)
CO50 ................ Desktop Carbon Monoxide CO Monitor
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Rev. 1/29/14