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Electrical Test Kit
Special Value Kit
Basic Troubleshooting Tools
For common electrical problems
Save Money
Kit Includes:
• MN24 Manual Ranging CAT II-600V MiniTec™
MultiMeter with 7 functions including 1.5V and
9V Battery tests under load
• Model 40130 Non-Contact Voltage Detector
detects AC Voltage from 100VAC to 600VAC
without touching the source
• Model ET15 Receptacle Tester tests for faulty
wiring in 3-wire receptacles and detects five
wiring faults
• Supplied in an attractive storage case that
provides protection and organization for the
meters whenever they are needed
• Dimensions: 9.5x6.8x2.8" (241x173x71mm)
Manual Ranging MultiMeter
AC Voltage Detection
MN24 Specifications
Display Count
DC Voltage
AC Voltage
DC Current
2000 count
600V (0.1mV)
600V (0.1V)
10A (1µA)
2MΩ (0.1Ω)
4.8x2.4x1.6" (122x61x40mm)
9.17oz (260g)
Basic Accuracy
Receptacle Tester
Ordering Information:
MN24-KIT ......Electrical Test Kit
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