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Industrial MultiMeters
Waterproof (IP67) rugged design for heavy duty use
Reliable and highly accurate even under the toughest operating conditions,
the EX500 series CAT IV rated Digital MultiMeters are waterproof, drop proof
to 6’ and feature a rugged double-molded housing.
EX500 Series Features:
• Double molded for waterproof (IP67) protection
• Rugged design — drop proof to 6 feet
• High Resolution display:
Model EX520-S with 6000 count LCD display
Model EX530-KIT with 40,000 count LCD display
• 1000V input protection on all functions
• Dual sensitivity frequency functions
• Large backlit LCD with bargraph
• Duty Cycle function and Diode open circuit voltage of 2.8V DC
• Auto power off with disable feature and Min/Max, Relative, and
Data Hold functions
• CE/UL approved; CAT IV-600V
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an EX500 series kits.
Double molded for rugged,
waterproof (IP67) protection
Drop-proof to 6 feet (2.9m)
Meter with double molded test leads, magnetic hanging strap, Type K bead wire temperature probe, carrying
case, and one 9V battery. Also includes a set of CAT III-100V Electrical Test Lead kit (TL810); EX530-KIT also
includes a CAT III-1000V UL approved Voltage Detector (DV20) that detects live AC voltage from 100V to 600V.
Display counts
Basic Accuracy (DCV)
DC Voltage
0.1mV to 1000V
AC Voltage
1mV to 1000V
Non-Contact AC Voltage
DC/AC Current
0.1μA to 20A
0.1Ω to 40MΩ
Frequency (electrical)
0.01 to 400Hz
Frequency (electronic)
0.001Hz to 40MHz
0.01nF to 1000μF
Temperature (Type K)
-50 to 1382°F
(-45 to 750°C)
4 to 20mA
Duty Cycle
0.1 to 99.9%
True RMS
Peak Hold
Dimensions/Weight 7.25x3.25x2.25"/12.3oz
0.01mV to 1000V
0.01mV to 1000V
100V to 600V
0.01μA to 20A
0.01Ω to 40MΩ
0.01 to 400Hz
0.001Hz to 100MHz
0.001nF to 40mF
-50 to 1382°F
(-45 to 750°C)
0 to 125%
0.1 to 99.90%
Ordering Information:
EX520-S ..............True RMS Industrial MultiMeter Kit (6000 count)
EX530-KIT............True RMS Industrial MultiMeter Kit (40,000 count)
EX520, EX530, DV20 are UL listed. Waterproof IP67,CAT IV-600V, and 3yr warranty only applies to EX520 and EX530
Specifications subject to change without notice.
6/5/12 - R1
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