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 6. The weight (default 110lbs. / 50kg) will appear on the LCD. Press REC or MODE to increase/decrease the weight (1lb.). Press the SET °C/°F button to confirm. Model PD20 ‐ Thermo‐Pedometer Safety 
STANDARD Step Counting Keep the PD20 and the battery out of reach of children Don’t expose PD20 to liquid, fire, shock or vibration Please replace the battery as soon as it loses power Wear protective gear when handling leaking batteries Press and hold MODE for 3 seconds to reset the display to ‘0 STEP’. Note: The PD20 ignores non‐walking motion. Steps will be registered on the display after several regular steps are detected. Description Temperature Indication 1.
Display REC button 3.
ON‐OFF button Eyelet for lanyard MODE button Set °C/°F button Battery door and Reset Button Located on back of PD20 Press and release the SET °C/°F button to display the actual temperature for five seconds. 1
Display Modes 2
Basic Operation 
Peel the protective foil off of the display. Open the battery compartment (using a coin), remove the insulation strip, and close the battery door. The PD20 will power ON. If not, replace the battery. ‘0 STEP’ will show at the top of the display and the time will show at the bottom when the unit is ON. Press and hold the ON‐OFF button to switch OFF. Press and hold the ON‐OFF button to switch ON again. The PD20 enters power‐saver mode after 10 minutes of inactivity (only the time appears on the display). To deactivate power‐saver mode: move the instrument slightly; the STEP display will appear. Settings Mode 1. Press and hold the SET °C/°F button for 3 seconds. 2. °C or °F with AM/PM will flash. Press MODE to change units. Press SET °C/°F again to confirm. 3. The time will appear with the hour digit flashing. Press REC or MODE to increase/decrease the hour. Press the SET °C/°F button to confirm. 4. Minutes will begin flashing. Press REC or MODE to increase/decrease the minutes then press SET °C/°F. 5. The step length will appear on the LCD (default 60cm / 23.5in). Press REC or MODE to increase/decrease the steplength (1cm). Press SET °C/°F to confirm. Use the MODE button to select the display mode:  Calorie consumption/fat burn: KCAL and BGM or OZ  Distance covered in kilometers (KM) or miles (M) and the time taken (in hours/minutes at bottom of display)  Average speed kilometers or miles per hour Press MODE to return to normal mode (STEP and time). STANDARD 7‐Day Storage Press REC and ‘DAYS AGO: 1’ will appear on the display. Use REC to select the desired day (DAYS AGO 1‐7). Once the desired day is reached, press MODE to select:  Calorie consumption/fat burn: KCAL and BGM or OZ  Distance covered in KM or miles (M) and the time taken (in hours and minutes shown at bottom of display)  Average speed in KM/H or M/H Note: The day’s data is stored in memory after midnight. The current time and ‘0 STEP’ appear on the display; the selected settings are retained (see Settings Mode). CONTINUOUS Step Counting The PD20 records the no. of steps walked continuously without resting longer than 5 minutes. Stopping > 5 minutes starts a new session (counting from zero again). Only the largest step session of the day will be shown and stored. See instructions below: 1. Hold REC for 3 seconds (‘CONT STEP’ displays) 2. Press REC▲to show 7‐day‐CS‐storage (DAYS AGO 1‐7) 3. When on the appropriate day press MODE▼ to cycle the following displays:  Calorie consumption and fat burned (KCAL and GM or OZ). 
Distance and time (KM or M and the time in hours and minutes).  Average speed (KM/H or M/H) 4. After midnight, the current data will be stored TOTAL 7‐Day Step Storage The Total Step Storage records total no. of steps walked. This feature comes after the regular 7‐day‐storage feature when stepping through the features.  ‘A’ appears on right side of the display in this mode.  When the total accumulated steps exceeds 5 digits (>99999 steps), the least significant digit displays on the second line.  The basic operation is the same as the standard 7‐day‐
storage feature explained in the previous section.  Press and hold MODE ▼to clear the storage and restart counting from zero. Note: Continuous Step is an important indicator showing the intensity of a walking exercise. Doctors prefer this number over the total steps walked per day. RESET Button (rear) To return the unit to its factory default state, use a paper clip or pin to press the rear RESET button. Attaching the PD20 
Belt: Attach the PD20 with the pouch clip on a waistband or belt. 
Around the neck: Thread a lanyard through the PD20 eyelet and make a secure knot. Maintenance Clean the PD20 with a soft damp cloth. Do not use solvents or abrasives. If the unit does not work properly, please reset the instrument or replace the CR2032 battery (rear). Specifications Max. Number of steps 0‐99,999 Max. Distance 0‐624.99 mi (0‐999.99 km) Max. Speed 0‐6.25 mi/h (0‐10km/h) Max. Calorie consumption 0‐99,999 kcal Max. Fat burned 0‐35.9 oz. (0‐999.9g) Operating Temperature 14°F‐122°F (‐10°C‐50°C) Step count accuracy ±50 per 1000 steps 1 x CR2032 button cell Battery power Dimensions 2.20 x 0.63 x 3.15 in (56 x 16 x 80 mm) Weight 1.20 oz. (34g) [instrument only] Copyright © 2014 FLIR Systems, Inc. All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form www.extech.com PD20‐en‐US_V1.0 9/14