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Pocket Foot Candle Light Meter
Measures up to 2,000Fc
For basic lighting applications
• Large 3-1/2 digit (1999 count)
LCD with over-range indication
• Two ranges: 200.0 (0.1Fc) and 2000 (1Fc)
• 5% basic accuracy
• Precision color-corrected, photo-diode sensor
• Battery operated with low battery indication
• Complete with 9V battery, remote light sensor
with 45" (1.1m) cable, and built-in stand
• Workplace, clean-room, and computer room light testing
• Compliance with safety regulatory bodies (OSHA)
• Ambient testing for light-sensitive archives such as
in museums and art galleries
• Schools, library and parking lot light testing
• Building and ATM area security light monitoring
Ordering Information:
401027....................Foot candle Light Meter
401027-NIST ..........401027 with Calibration Traceable to NIST
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