English Datasheet

LT40 & LT45
LED Light Meters
Extech LED Light meters are used for monitoring
and optimizing environmental light levels in
buildings, schools, and offices. LED lighting
is being used more commonly, because they
are less expensive, more energy efficient and
brighter. Model LT40 measures the light intensity
for white LED lights, while the LT45 measures
both white and color LED lights.
Model LT40
Model LT45
Measure LED and Standard Lighting in
Lux or Foot-Candle (Fc) units
Model LT45 Functions
Measures white, red, yellow, green, blue, and
purple LED lights
4000 count display
Min/Max Average
Manually store/recall up to 99 readings
Cosine and color corrected measurements
Complete with light sensor with protective cover
Auto Power off
and coiled cable expandable to 59" (1.5m), 9V battery,
and hard case
Model LT40 Functions
Measures white LED lights
Complete with built-in sensor with protective cover,
2 AAA batteries, and pouch
Model LT40
Model LT45
Foot-candle (Fc) Range
40, 400 4000, 40000
40, 400 4000, 40000
Lux Range
400, 4000, 40000, 400000
400, 4000, 40000, 400000
LED Type
white, red, yellow, green, blue, purple
Basic Accuracy
5.2x1.9x1" (133x48x23mm)
5.1x2.2x1.5" (130x55x38mm)
8.80z (250g)
8.8oz (250g)
LT40................... LED Light Meter
LT45................... Color LED Light Meter
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