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EasyView™ Light Meter with Memory
Store and recall up to 50 measurements
With realtive or real time clock stamp
• Wide measurement range to 99,990Fc (999,900Lux) with
resolution of 0.001Fc and 0.01Lux
• Luminous intensity (candela) calculations
• Ripple function excludes the effect of stray light
from the primary light source measurement
• Auto Power off with disable feature
• Multiple point average function
• Timed-Hold, Relative in absolute value or % deviation,
and Comparator function with high low alarms
• Cosine and color corrected, CNS 5119 Class II
• Complete with built-in stand, light sensor and
protective cover with 36" (0.9m) cable, protective
holster, 6 AAA batteries, and carrying case
Wide range for taking measurements
in direct sunlight
Display Counts
Fc Range
Lux Range
999,999 count LCD
9.999Fc, 99.99Fc, 999.9Fc, 9,999Fc, 99,990Fc
99.99Lux, 999.9Lux, 9999Lux, 99,990Lux, 999,900Lux
Max. Resolution
Basic Accuracy
Cosine & Color Corrected:
5.9 x 2.8 x 1.4" (150 x 72 x 33mm)
11.29oz (320g)
Ordering Information:
EA33........................EasyView™ Light Meter with Memory
EA33-NIST ..............EA33 with NIST Certificate
Specifications subject to change without notice.
5/30/08 - R1
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