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Subject: Data Communications
Dear Operator,
The US FAA Data Comm program is currently deploying Controller Pilot Data Link Communications
Departure Clearance (CPDLC DCL) service at 56 airports throughout 2016. The FAA’s CPDLC DCL
service uses the FANS 1/A data link application available on many aircraft today. In support of this
system deployment some basic operator familiarization and schedule information can be found here
Included in this link is the Flight Deck Users Guide which covers CPDLC DCL from the Flight Deck side
(procedures, uplinks, etc.) and the the CPDLC DCL End-to-End Operational CONOPS which covers the
CPDLC DCL message formats, flight plan filing requirements, AOC/Dispatch Messaging, etc.
Please review the documentation and respond with any questions with which you may need assistance.
From a flight deck perspective, CPDLC DCL is very similar to the FANS 1/A system used in oceanic
The main difference between CPDLC DCL (FAA) and the ARINC 623 (Eurocae ED-85A) version of DCL
is that FANS 1/A CPDLC uplinks contain route revisions and route clearance information that is loadable
into the aircraft’s navigation system. Versus the ARINC 623 text based DCL route data that has to be
manually loaded into the aircraft’s navigation system.
To help aide the preparatory process a standing FAA Data Comm New Operator introductory
teleconference will be held the second Tuesday of every month. The next one is schedule for February
9th, 2016.
Please let us know if we can expect to see you there.
Chris Sutherland
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Enclosure: New Operator Brief