40WLEDBULBGEVB Test Procedure

Test Procedure for the 40WLEDBULBGEVB Evaluation Board
The following steps detail the basic test procedure for these boards:
Necessary Equipment:
1 120 VAC Source
1 Yokogawa WT330 Digital Power Meter
Figure 1: Test Setup
Test Procedure:
1. Check if all of the components have the right values and are mounted in the correct
2. Connect the test setup as shown in Figure 1.
3. Apply an input voltage, VIN =120 VAC
4. Check that Pin is about 6.5W.
5. Check that THD is between 15-20%.
6. Check that power factor is between 0.96-0.99.
7. Power down the input.
8. End of test
 Be careful when manipulating the boards in operation, lethal voltages are present.