Wirelessly Controlled Relay
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DV-SW1-05 is a remotely controlled relay device based on
the IQRF wireless technology.
It is a generic eqipment with fixed hardware. User specific
functionality is completely ensured by the user application
written for internal RF transceiver module.
DV-SW1-05 is supplied from mains and has an internal
Key features
• Remotely controlled switch
• Supplied directly from mains
• For arbitrary use
• Fully user programmable
• Can be controlled by IQRF remote controllers
• One single pole 3A contact relay
• Internal antenna
• LED indication
Simplified block schematics
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Electrical specifications
(typical values unless otherwise stated)
Power supply
100 - 240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 0.2 A max.
Relay switch
230 V AC or 30 V DC, 3 A max.
Frequency band
868 MHz or 916 MHz (SW selectable)
PCB built-in the TR module
Temperature range
0 °C to +70 °C
70 x 60 x 25 mm
46 g
Absolute maximum ratings
Stresses above those values may cause permanent damage to the device. Exposure to maximum rating conditions
for extended periods may affect device reliability.
Storage temperature
-50 °C to +100 °C
TR module
FTR-MY-AA012D (Fujitsu)
Contact protection
Varistor JVR10N431K, clamping voltage 275 V AC or 350 V DC
• LED is switched on by log. 1 on the C6 pin of TR module.
• Relay contact is closed by log. 1 on the C7 pin of TR module.
The DV-SW1-05 demo example works with examples for remote controllers RC03 or RC04. The DV-SW1-05
receives commands and switches the relay on if the "S1" packet is received and off if the "S2" packet is received.
The LED indicates that the relay contact is closed. Demo example can be downloaded from
Typical application
The TR module should be uploaded out of the DV-SW1-05 case in an external programmer. Wireless upload
(RFPGM) is also possible. To enable this, the user must ensure a way to switch the TR in RFPGM mode, e.g. by the
enableRFPGM() function (the TR is delivered with this option disabled).
It is not allowed to operate the device with the case opened.
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Product information
Pack list
• DV-SW1-05
IQRF wirelessly controlled relay, TR-52BA inside, with DV-SW1-05 demo uploaded
Ordering information
• DV-SW1-05
IQRF wirelessly controlled relay
Document history
• 120627
• 120511
Pack list revised
First release
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