IQRF Programmable remote controller
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RC-03 is a universal user programmable IQRF remote
controller with bidirectional communication and accumulator.
It is a generic equipment, i.e. the hardware is fixed and the
user can realize specific functionality by software for internal
TR module only.
Key features
• Portable controllers
• Internal TR-52B transceiver module
• Automation
• On-board PCB antenna
• Voting systems
• 3 pushbuttons, 1 LED
• Wide other usage facilities
• 2 inputs/outputs
• Bidirectional communication – high security in comparison
to unidirectional systems
• High performance
• Sleep mode with ultra low power consumption
• Accumulator and internal charger
• Charged via microUSB connector
• Low cost
Simplified schematics
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Electrical specifications
(typical values unless otherwise stated)
External power supply / charging
LIP-552240 (Li-Pol 3.7 V, 400 mAh)
5.0 ± 0.35 V DC via microUSB connector
Supply current
Sleep mode
Additional watchdog supply current
depends on application SW (see TR-52B datasheet for details)
2 µA (all peripherals shut down)
2 µA typ., 4 µA max. (watchdog enabled)
Run mode
Additional supply current
1 mA @ 8 MHz (RF circuitry in standby mode)
0.6 mA (RF circuitry on)
2 mA (LED on)
Rx mode
STD mode
LP mode
XLP mode
13 mA
3.5 mA (depends on interferences)
600 µA max. (depends on interferences)
Tx mode
14 mA – 24 mA (according to RF output power)
Accumulator charging
85 mA (depended on the accumulator state)
Temperature range
0 °C to +70 °C
Frequency band
RF output power
Transceiver module
868 MHz or 916 MHz, multiple channels (SW selectable)
Up to 3.5 mW, programmable in 7 steps
Internal PCB shortened ¼ wave whip
93 mm x 42 mm x 14 mm
38 g (including accumulator and TR module)
Absolute maximum ratings
Stresses above those values may cause permanent damage to the device. Exposure to maximum rating conditions
for extended periods may affect device reliability.
Supply voltage (VCC):
Storage temperature:
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5.5 V
-40 °C to +85 °C
MNRC03_ 100811
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RC-03 is a generic equipment, i.e. the hardware is fixed and the user can realize specific functionality by software for
internal TR module only.
Power supply
RC-03 is supplied from the accumulator and charged via microUSB connector. Mains adapter is intended for it.
Supplying from PC via USB is not allowed.
Sleep mode
It is possible to switch off all functions and peripherals to minimize supply current. For Sleep mode control refer to
demo software included. The power can not be switched off at all, the Sleep mode is used instead of this. The
controller wakes-up automatically after any pushbutton press (if enabled by SW).
Pushbuttons and LED
Functionality of all three pushbuttons and the LED is fully under user software control.
TR module
Wireless IQRF transceiver module TR-52B in SIM card format. Higher types are also supported. User program
should be uploaded by an external programmer outside the GW.
Two TR pins (C6 and C7) are connected to the USB connector for general purpose usage.
Built-in PCB antenna on the RC-03 board.
Caution: To enable TR removal, the GW is delivered with TR module not connected to the antenna. It should be
soldered by the user before final usage.
The plastic case is limited to a very few number of open/close cycles only. Development should be accomplished with
opened case.
Demo application
communication between the RC-03 controller and the CKUSB-02 kit equipped with the TR-52B module connected to
PC with the IQRF IDE Terminal running. The
RC03_simple.c program is intended for the controller and
the E02-RX (one of basic IQRF examples) for the TR module
in the CK kit. Both are available on IQRF CD and IQRF
In idle state the controller stays in Sleep mode allowing wakeup by any pushbutton. After wake-up the battery voltage is
checked and LEDs flashing indicates pressing the button and
accumulator condition. Then respective command is sent to
CK-USB-02 and the controller gets to sleep again.
• S1
• S2
• S3
text sent: "S1x"
text sent: "S2x"
text sent: "S3x"
LED indication
• button S1 to S3
1 x flash (battery O.K.) / 3 x flash (battery exhausted).
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x=0 if battery O.K. otherwise x=1
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Pack list
RC-03, in Sleep mode
TR-52B, with demo example programmed, inserted in SIM connector inside
Accumulator (soldered)
MI-TY-A6-microUSB power supply adapter
Ordering codes
• RC-03
RC-03, 868 MHz as well as 916 MHz
Document history
• 100811
• 108003
• 100117
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Schematic and power supply updated.
Updated for TR-52B and current development kits.
First release
MNRC03_ 100811
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