IQRF Programmable remote controller
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RC-04D is a universal user programmable IQRF remote
controller with bidirectional communication.
It is a generic equipment, i.e. the hardware is fixed and the
user can implement specific functionality by software for
internal microcontroller. The code can be uploaded
Key features
• Portable controller
• Built-in IQRF transceiver module
• Any systems with IQRF connectivity
• Programmable via RF
• Wide usage facilities
• Architecture based on TR-52D
• On-board PCB antenna
• 4 pushbuttons, 2 LEDs
• Bidirectional communication – high security in comparison
to unidirectional systems
• Sleep mode with ultra low power consumption
• Coin battery
Simplified schematic
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Electrical specifications
Typical values unless otherwise stated
RF transceiver
Frequency band
RF output power
Built-in, based on the TR-52D architecture
MRF49XA (Microchip)
PIC16LF1938 (Microchip)
PCB shortened ¼ wave whip
868 MHz or 916 MHz, multiple channels (SW selectable)
Up to 3.5 mW, programmable in 7 steps
Lithium 3V, 210 mAh coin cell CR2032
Supply current
Sleep mode
Additional watchdog supply current
Depends on application SW (see TR-52D datasheet for details)
0.8 µA (all peripherals shut down)
2 µA typ., 4 µA max. (watchdog enabled)
Run mode
Additional supply current
1 mA @ 8 MHz (RF circuitry in standby mode)
0.6 mA (RF circuitry on)
2 mA (one LED on), 4 mA (two LEDs on)
Rx mode
STD mode
LP mode
XLP mode
13 mA
330 µA (depends on interferences)
25 µA (depends on interferences)
Tx mode
14 mA – 24 mA (according to RF output power)
RF range
up to 240 m (in free space)
Operating temperature
-20 °C to +40 °C, with respect to the battery operating conditions
58 mm x 42 mm x 14 mm
29 g (with the battery and the charm chain)
Absolute maximum ratings
Stresses above those values may cause permanent damage to the device. Exposure to maximum rating conditions
for extended periods may affect device reliability.
Supply voltage (VCC)
Storage temperature
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3.5 V
-20 °C to +85 °C, with respect to the battery storing conditions
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RC-04D is a generic equipment, i.e. the hardware is fixed and specific functionality can be implemented by software
for integrated transceiver module.
Power supply
RC-04D is supplied from the coin non-rechargable battery.
Sleep mode
It is possible to switch off all functions and peripherals to minimize current. For Sleep mode control refer to demo
software included. The power can not be switched off at all (unless removing the battery), the Sleep mode should be
used instead of this.
Tip: User SW should allow wake-up the controller after pushbutton(s) press. See demo SW included.
Pushbuttons and LEDs
Functionality of all four pushbuttons and both LEDs is fully under control of application software.
RF transceiver
Integrated IQRF wireless transceiver based on the TR-5xD architecture.
• Uploading of application code is possible via IQRF wireless upload.
• Pads for wired upload via SPI accessible on the PCB board are intended for troubleshooting only. See the
silkscreen on the PCB for pinout description.
• Using the CK-USB-04A programmer: See the CK-USB-04A User's guide.
• Using the CK-USB-04 programmer and the KON-TR-01P adapter. See the KON-TR-01P User's guide.
Built-in PCB antenna on the RC-04 board.
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Demo application
This demo illustrates unidirectional non-networking communication between the RC-04D controller and the CK-USB04(A) kit equipped with the TR-52DA module connected to PC with the IQRF IDE Terminal running. The
RC04D_demo.c program is intended for the controller and the E02-RX (one of basic IQRF examples) for the TR
module in the CK kit. They are available to download on RC-04D product page and in IQRF Startup package,
respectively. To upload the RC04_demo.hex to the RC-04D via RF, see the IQRF OS User's guide, Appendix
RFPGM. Switching to RFPGM mode after reset is enabled by default.
In idle state the controller stays in Sleep mode allowing wake-up by any pushbutton. After wake-up the battery
voltage is checked and LEDs flashing indicates pressing the button and accumulator condition. Then respective
command is sent to CK-USB-04(A) and the controller gets to sleep again.
• S1
• S2
• S3
• S4
• S3 and S4 for more than 5 s
• Any button for more than 0.7 s
LED indication
• Button S1 to S4
• RFPGM indication
Text sent: "S1x"
Text sent: "S2x"
Text sent: "S3x"
Text sent: "S4x"
Enter RFPGM mode
Leave RFPGM mode
x=0 if battery O.K., otherwise x=1
1 x flash green (battery O.K.) / red (battery exhausted).
See the IQRF OS User's guide, Appendix RFPGM, indication in RFPGM LP mode.
Caution: Demo software version should correspond to IQRF OS version implemented in RC-04D.
To read out the OS version, catch Module Info which is always sent by this Demo application just before switching to
RFPGM mode in IQRF IDE Terminal. The Show hexa checkbox should be activated for this. OS version is stored in
buffer moduleINFO[4]. See the picture above and IQRF OS User's guide.
[0] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]
3C 5D 00 01 30 03 39 11
0F 45 23 01 36 04 E4 06
moduleINFO[4] = 36 means OS v3.06D
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The only standard way how to upload user application into the RC-04D is RFPGM (wireless programming, ICWP).
Demo application RC04D_demo.c invokes the enableRFPGM function first. It ensures that after every reset (due to
reconnecting the battery) the device is switched to RFPGM mode and can possibly be reprogrammed. This feature
can be removed (by disableRFPGM), but it should not be done unless there is another reliable way how to invoke
back the RFPGM mode using runRFPGM after pressing a pushbutton. See the demo application, refer to the IQRF
OS User's guide, Appendix RFPGM for details. If being omitted, the device can not be reprogrammed wirelessly
any more. Recovery is possible by wired upload using the PCB pads inside the case only.
Tip: Always use enableRFPGM during development.
Product information
Pack list
• RC-04D remote controller with charm chain, battery inserted, the RC04D_demo demo uploaded, in Sleep mode
Recommended options
Programmer / development kit for wireless upload (RFPGM)
Additional TR module for the CK-USB-04(A) for wireless upload (RFPGM)
USB cable to connect CK-USB-04(A) to PC
Complete comfortable RFPGM programmer (alternative to all above)
Ordering code
• RC-04D
RC-04D Remote controller
Document history
• 141105
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